How many children does Keith Allen have?

KEITH Allen is a famous actor and comedian.

It was once rumoured that he had eight children – though in reality he has six with four different mothers.

How many children does Keith Allen have?

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is Keith's most famous child, having found major chart success with singles like The Fear and Smile.

In Lily's autobiography My Thoughts Exactly she speaks candidly about the troubled relationship she had with her family at times, including her fairly absent father.

She's also based some of her songs on her family relationships and issues too, such as Go Back To The Start which was inspired by her sister Sarah.

Alfie Allen

Alfie Allen is fully related to Lily – he is her younger brother.

Alfie works as an actor, having starred in Game of Thrones and How To Build A Girl.

Gala Talbott

Gala is 30 years old.

Back in 2010 she made a libel claim against a magazine who claimed that she nastily rejected Lily's attempts at forming a bond.

She said the piece damaged her reputation.

It's been reported some years ago that she said Keith stopped paying child maintenance fees and didn't make an effort to see her or build a relationship.

Some sources say she is mixed race, but little is concretely known about her life.

Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen

Teddie-Rose Malleson-Allen works as an actress, having made her debut in 2015 when she was just nine.

She was born in Keith's front room and celebrates her birthday in April, as he told The Guardian.

He said: "I am there a lot more for Teddie than I was for my other children, Lily and Alfie.

"My hopes for her are simple – that she is happy. She can do what she wants.

"I wasn't surprised that Lily followed in my footsteps because we are very, very similar but I was surprised when Alfie decided to be an actor."

Sarah Owen

Back in 2011, Lily and Sarah Owen launched their own fashion label called Lucy In Disguise.

Reportedly they went bankrupt a few years later.

Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen keeps out of the public eye and there isn't information available on her.

The mother of Rebecca isn't known.

Who are his baby mamas?

Alison Owen

Alison is the mother of Lily, Sarah and Alfie.

She was married to Keith from 1982 to 1989.

She works as a film producer and has worked on Shaun of the Dead, Saving Mr. Banks and Jane Eyre.

Angela Talbott

Not much is known about Angela,but she is the mother of Gala.

Her relationship with Keith was reportedly brief and it didn't last after her pregnancy.

Tamzin Malleson

Tamzin Malleson is still together with Keith, though they are not married.

She is the mother of Teddie and the family live in Stroud.

She works as an actress and has starred in Midsomer Murders.

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