Holby City spoilers: Distraught Sacha sabotages Essie's plans to give baby Isla back to Frankie

HOLBY City's Sacha will sabotage Essie's plans to give baby Isla back to Frankie.

He continues to struggle with Essie's cancer news, he plunges further into despair as she insists on preparing for the inevitable.

Confused by how content Essie is with the idea of preparing for life after her death, Sacha takes matters into his own hands and sets out to give his friend another reason to live.

Essie is ready to hand over baby Isla to the returning Frankie, who underwent a life-changing transformation and she is delighted Isla will be cared for once she's gone.

Last seen in back in October, Frankie appears to be a changed woman when we see her again next week and reassures Essie she is ready to be the little girl's full-time mum.

Already devastated that Essie reached out to Frankie, Sacha is hurt when it becomes clear she's planning to give Isla back to her mother for good.

Sacha is unhappy that Essie is giving up and won't have a reason to live without Isla.

The consultant then does something very unusual and persuades Frankie to leave again.

Frankie attempts to put up a fight for her daughter, but will she be forced to give in for the sake of a desperate Sacha?

Earlier this month Sacha proposed Essie and Frankie they move their wedding forward and tie the knot as soon as possible.

Last week Essie decided it's time to face up to what is happening and tell the other members of the team about her cancer.

She gathers them together and explains that her cancer now cannot be treated and that she's now only having palliative care from now on, leaving her friends and colleagues devastated.

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