Gemma Collins looks slimmer than ever in a glamorous pink gown after three-stone weight loss

GEMMA Collins put on a glamorous pink gown after losing a remarkable three stone – and fans thought she looked amazing.

The 39-year-old Towie star oozed elegance in her latest snap on Instagram as she modelled items from her Boutique range.

Gemma told fans to "STAY FABULOUS" alongside the snap and it soon attracted thousands of likes and comments.

One fan said: "You are looking stunning as ever wowwwww"

Another fan penned: "Loving the pose, looks much better!"

Gemma has been proudly showing off her three-stone weight loss to fans all summer.

The incredible transformation hasn't been easy for the TV diva – who has turned to brutal diets, controversial 'skinny jabs' and even a £5,000-a-week 'juice camp' in a bid to shed the pounds.

Though Gemma – one of The Only Way Is Essex's best-loved stars – has always exuded confidence and body positivity no matter what her size, she's made no secret of her "nightmare" battle with food.

She has also courageously opened up about her struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal condition that made it difficult for her to lose weight after her "very slim" twenties.

In June, The GC admitted to her two million Instagram followers that bullies have "taunted" her over the years, while companies have callously told her: "You're too fat to promote my brand."

In 2011, Gemma joined The Only Way Is Essex after Julie Childs, mother of Gemma's school friend and Towie co-star Amy Childs, told producers about the then-used car saleswoman.

She was first introduced to viewers as a potential love interest for castmate Mick Norcross, but she quickly became a leading lady.

Keen to feel as confident as possible on the show at the time, she shed three stone at a weight loss bootcamp that same year, sticking solely to healthy foods and a very strict exercise regime, before showing off her slimmer figure (and dramatic brunette hair transformation) on the show.

However, that year she once more turned to food and, at her heaviest, tipped the scales at 21st.

“I’ve done every diet out there, there’s nothing I haven’t done," she previously told Good Morning Britain.

“I was obsessed with food. And life revolved around food and eating. There was no brain space in my head for me not to think about food, it was a living nightmare.”

Gemma also entered a £5,000-a-week 'juice camp' in Portugal and dropped a massive three stone.

The star lived on fruit drinks during a month-long stint at a special retreat, and was weaned off her "addiction" to fatty foods.

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That same year Gemma tried hypnotherapy to shed more weight and revealed she had been hypnotised into believing she had a gastric band in a bid to stay slim.

According to Closer, she told Now! Magazine at the time: "I've gone from a size 22 to an 18. I had a bit of 3D lipo and saw a hypnotist called Robert Hisee, who put a hypno gastric band in me!

"Now I have four mouthfuls of food and I can't eat any more. I feel like I can't breathe I'm so full."

She could have opted for a gastric band but ruled it out.

Speaking to The Sun, Gemma said: “I’m not saying I’ll get to a size 10 but I do need to lose weight. For my health I wouldn’t be bigger than I am now. I refuse to have a gastric band as easy as it would be.”

Last year, Sun Online revealed the star was on a new weight loss plan with 'skinny jabs', which are injections that act as an appetite suppressant.

Although Gemma has already shifted a few stone, her weight loss journey might not be over yet – as her sights are set on shedding more.

She said: "I'd be really happy if I lost six stone as that would bring me down to 12 stone and a size 16."

But for the moment, The GC is feeling healthier than ever. And as she recently told her fans, "Your health is your wealth."

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