Gabby’s Xmas ruined by Kim’s dark warning over nanny Nicky in Emmerdale

Gabby (Rosie Bentham) looks set to get a little Christmas treat in Emmerdale after hiring a hunky nanny, but Kim Tate (Claire King) is out to spoil her fun.

Gabby and Dawn (Olivia Bromley) have their hands on a golden ticket from Kim, the offer of a cushty job near the top of her empire if they can prove themselves worthy. To get it, they have to fight each other for the coveted spot and give up their maternal roles to do so.

To have their minds completely on the task, Kim tells them she’ll hire a nanny to watch their children while they do her bidding. Dawn is uneasy with this arrangement but goes along with the interview process.

They meet with candidates in the hope of finding one that can take on Kim’s household, but it’s a tall order. Kim intimidates all of them, but they manage to settle on the one.

Unfortunately, it’s not meant to be as Samantha decides she does not want the position (and who could blame her?). This decision may just work in Gabby’s favour, as at the 11th hour they interview a male nanny, Nicky, who is an absolute perfect fit. Even Kim thinks so.

Both Dawn and Gabby are keen to hire him, especially when the children seem to be instantly taken with him. Dawn relaxes and they agree that Nicky is the one, and the deal is done. He’s excellent with kids and handsome to boot, he’s ticking Gabby’s boxes right there.

But Kim knows Gabby all too well and senses she is contemplating making a move on their new member of staff.

With one short shrift, Gabby is put in her place and warned that Nicky is most definitely off limits. But has Kim just handed her a challenge?

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