Furious BBC Breakfast viewers SWITCH OFF as ‘whining’ McDonnell slams Boris on coronavirus

At the daily briefing yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock set out the goal of reaching 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by the end of the month. Although the pledge was welcomed by some, others like Labour’s John McDonnell warned that there was still “confusion” around the type of test needed. However, many BBC Breakfast viewers did not take well to the sight of the Shadow Chancellor on their screens or his criticism, with one user calling him out for “whining”.

Mr McDonnell told the BBC presenters: “We’ve got to maintain people’s confidence in what the Government is doing. We need what the breakdown is of that 100,000.

“Is it the swab test or is it the antibodies, and there’s still some confusion about whether there’s a reliable antibody test. So I think the general public needs a lot more information so they can their confidence.

“We do need to do know as well when will NHS staff has access to these tests because they need it.

“The other issue is that the World Health Organisation advises to test, test, test and track. So we need to know from the Government as well when they’ll be expanding testing on a mass basis in the community as well.”

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One Twitter user wrote: “Turned on BBC Breakfast only to find John McDonnell on there. The irrelevant IRA sympathiser. Turned off immediately.”

Another said: “I get quite a bit of satisfaction from muting John McDonnell when he appears on BBC Breakfast. I don’t need that whining noise in my ears before work.”

Another wrote: “John McDonnell: is there a more odious individual in politics?”

One user added: “Oh good John McDonnell, another BBC expert. Christ you are scraping the barrel, and even feeding him lines. Any chance you can get Mr Corbyn for business advice??”

Another user said: “Why is the BBC asking John McDonnell about testing????”

One tweeted: “Here we go again, BBC Breakfast giving the Labour Party in the shape of John McDonnell a voice of criticism to the Government.

“Yes, the testing of the virus should be much higher than it is at present but if that wasn’t the issue it’ll be something else!!”

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