Frankie Bridge admits she was embarrassed of body during difficult pregnancy

Frankie Bridge has admitted she felt “ashamed” and “embarrassed” of her body when she was pregnant with her first child at the age of 24.

The 32-year-old star has now spoken out about her struggles during pregnancy with her two sons Parker and Carter whom she shares with her doting husband Wayne Bridge.

The former pop singer appeared on ITV’s Lorraine on Thursday morning to discuss her new book GROW: Motherhood, mental health & me with new mum Christine Lampard.

As The Saturdays star reflected on her time as an expectant mum at the height of her music career, the mum-of-two revealed that she struggled to move past the negative thoughts about her appearance while in the band.

During the candid conversation, Frankie explained: “Maternal mental health is still quite a taboo subject. We’re all scared to say how we’re really feeling or if we’re struggling.

“When I was first pregnant, I found pregnancy really difficult and I'd bump into other women who’d gush about how lovely it is.

"Obviously, I could appreciate the magic of it and I was growing a baby and seeing them in scans and feeling them kick was amazing. But when I would admit the things that I was finding hard, it was almost like I'd given them permission to go, ‘Oh my goodness, I felt like that too’.

"So I really do think if we can all open up more and say the things that we're struggling with or things that we don't necessarily enjoy, then other women can feel like they can say it."

The star revealed that she had “controlled eating” when she was in her teens and seeing her body change forced her mental health into a steady depression.

She admitted: “I found it really difficult. I had always suffered with controlled eating when I was younger so I always felt like I had control over the way that I looked.

“I'd assumed from what I was seeing at the time that I would just kind of have this little bump and nothing else would really change.

“And actually, my whole body changed and for the first time, I felt so out of control with the way that I looked,” she continued.

But the star admitted the toughest time throughout her pregnancy was her insecurities surrounding her body especially when she had to perform with the rest of the group.

She said: "Going up on stage with all the rest of the girls I found really difficult, I felt ashamed that I'd lost control of my body and I felt embarrassed of my body and I felt like people were looking at me thinking ‘What is she doing up on stage? She shouldn’t be there. Look at her.’

"And I look back at now and I feel really sad because I should have just enjoyed it but not everyone enjoys that change and it is scary because you don’t have control."

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