Fans furious as Line Of Duty’s big reveal confuses: ‘I haven’t waited 10 years for it to be Buckells’

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As the much anticipated finale of Line of Duty aired, and the 'the fourth man' – formerly known as 'H' – was revealed to be dim-witted copper DS Buckles, the ending has gone down in history – as one of the worst!

Viewers raged on social media at the disappointing last episode.

One viewer tweeted: “Mother of god, that was an anti climax!!!” In homage to one of Ted Hastings' classic phrases.

Another person tweeted: “6 seasons of not a single dull moment only for it to end this way?”

Many who only an hour ago had been glued to their seats, took to Twitter to moan about having spent ten years to find out that the man behind all the plots was dim-witted Buckles.

But some fans have explained their disappointment as a sign that another series could be on its way, and they had questions they still wanted answered.

As the series came to an end, one fan tweeted: “The storyline isn't finished. We still don't know who H is.”

Another person tweeted: “That was so good but I feel as though it's been left open for a new series.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Boyce, who plays Buckles (played by Nigel Boyle), weighed in to the debate on @Villaboycey: "This is not a pigging joke…neither is it total b***ard b***ocks…but I can finally confirm that I am DEFINATELY….H"

Fans who had decided that Buckles was just another red herring, busily put forward names, with prime suspect being chief constable Philip Osborne, who has done many suspicious acts since the first series, and has effectively shut AC-12 down.

Meanwhile, the team behind the hit show were keeping quiet.

Martin Compston, who plays one of AC-12 team alongside Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure, had made the sensible decision to turn off his phone before the show aired.

He tweeted: “Done about 40 laps of this flat in the last hour. Excitement, anxiety and terror are a lethal combination. Phone going off for the evening, hopefully we deliver an ending you all deserve.”

Writer Jed Mercurio and the BBC haven't yet confirmed whether or not the series will be coming back, but has said that working with Martin, Adrian and Vicky has been "the highlight of my career".

The big reveal may have been a disappointment, but tonight's episode won't stop fans hoping to hear in the next few weeks that Line of Duty will be back – and yes, that it doesn't end with Buckles!

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