Family Fortunes with Gino D’Acampo is ‘too long’ says former host Les Dennis

Former Family Fortunes host Les Dennis has reportedly made a dig at the show's reboot with presenter Gino D'Acampo.

The 67-year-old media personality hosted the programme from 1987 until 2002 and was the presenter for the show's most successful stint.

ITV brought back the show last year with TV chef Gino D'Acampo hosting the rebooted series.

In an interview with The Sun, Les reportedly said ITV made the show "boring" after increasing the running time to 60 minutes.

He told the publication: "It's a different show now, it runs an hour, we were only half an hour.

"I think that it’s quite long at an hour.

"I think to keep on it needs to be tighter.

"ITV haven't served Gino well there."

The publication reported that Les also thinks the questions on the show are 'too similar and predictable'

He added: "We all took it seriously.

"All of us would go into the office at 10 in the morning and have a question meeting.

"That was so that we didn't go, 'Oh that question has a similar answer to that next one and it's also a similar kind of subject'.

During a new episode of Family Fortunes earlier this year, Gino D'Acampo was left red-faced as a cheeky contestant, who was wearing a kilt, flashed him.

The ITV programme saw the Craig family from Falkirk take on the Mills family from Essex in a bid to win £30,000.

James, from the Craig family, showed the television presenter he was a "true Scotsman" by lifting his kilt on national television.

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Gino was certainly left with an eyeful as he saw there was, in fact, nothing underneath James' kilt.

James said he wore the kilt because he had "something to show off".

Gino exclaimed: "He's a true Scotsman – you seriously don't wear any pants?"

He added: "And he's ginger all the way through I can tell you that", commenting on the fact James had red hair.

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