Emmerdale spoilers: Pregnant Gabby Thomas horrifies Jamie Tate by moving into Home Farm

GABBY Thomas horrified Jamie Tate by moving into Home Farm next week in Emmerdale. 

Jamie savagely rejected Gabby last night and told her their night together was a drunken mistake. 

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But Gabby will take a pregnancy test in scenes set to air this week and realise with horror that she’s pregnant with Jamie’s baby.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Laurel worry for Gabby when she shocks Jamie by announcing she’s moving into Home Farm. 

The big question is: how will Jamie react?

Jamie’s mother Kim, who’s already taken scheming Gabby under her wing after she tried to get Dawn fired, will discover that Gabby is pregnant with her son’s baby in upcoming scenes – and use it to her advantage. 

Speaking about her character’s plan to split up Jamie and Dawn – and eventually to take Gabby’s baby away from her – actress Claire King recently revealed to Metro.co.uk: "She knows exactly what she’s doing. She wants to look after Gabby and the baby. She goes through all these emotions and it has to be all sorted with Laurel too as she’s her mum for the moment.

"She wants to support Gabby in doing the right thing – which is whatever Kim wants, basically. She listens to her, she bites her tongue and gives her the chance to move in, decorate, have friends in, buy her whatever she needs."

Claire continued: "That’s Kim pulling her strings – she is hoping this will get rid of Dawn but they keep getting thwarted. Kim has to push herself to do something not very nice in the future.

"She wants Gabby in with the baby, Dawn out and she now has to start manipulating Jamie into thinking he needs to be with Gabby for the sake of the empire."

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