Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby Thomas disowns mum Bernice Blackstock over shock return

GABBY Thomas disowns her mum Bernice Blackstock following her return to Emmerdale village next week. 

The teenager has been wallowing in her misery ever since the sudden departure of her mum Bernice at the end of last year.

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Viewers know that, in her mum’s absence, Gabby has fallen pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby and been taken under Kim’s wing at Home Farm.

Next week, Gabby tells Bernice she's made a new life for herself – and that she wants nothing to do with her.

Meanwhile, Bernice's ex Liam and his new fiancee Leyla get busy preparing for their wedding.

Bernice catches up with Liam in the pub but they’re interrupted by Leyla, who quickly makes a big deal of marking her territory.

Later, Bernice tries to return Liam’s engagement ring, but when Leyla spots them from a distance she gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Bernice is trying to propose.

All hell breaks loose as Leyla storms over and slaps Bernice.

Later in the cafe, Bernice tells Nicola and Diane that she thinks there’s still hope for her and Liam, but Nicola reminds her that Gabby needs her.

Will Bernice sabotage Liam’s wedding to Leyla?

Elsewhere next week, Kim hatches a plan to discover who’s poisoning her and invites all the suspects to a formal dinner at Home Farm.

Once all the guests arrive, Kim declares she’s stepping back from the business but first needs to choose her successor.

The bickering among her guests quickly begins as they start competing to try and impress Kim.

Kim then addresses her guests and tries to manipulate her poisoner into taking action.

But will they fall for it?

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