EastEnders spoilers see Mick exit, triple death horror and Phil revenge exposed

It's Christmas in EastEnders and fans can expect an explosive week of episodes.

When Christmas morning comes around, Shirley remains determined to expose Janine for who she is.

With Linda by her side they head to The Vic while Janine is determined to keep Jada away from her.

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Sharon has invited Jada back for Christmas and she drops a bombshell on Sharon, Martin, and Zack.

Both Linda and Shirley are stunned when Janine invites them to Christmas lunch, but there’s a bigger shock ahead when Sharon walks in with Jada.

At the Christmas dinner table, Shirley doesn’t give up trying to expose Janine and it doesn’t take long before a vicious row ensues.

As Janine continues to deny everything, Scarlett walks in – will she finally tell the truth about her mother?

Secret and lies are finally exposed and all hell breaks loose in The Vic – will Mick fight for Linda and will he finally see Janine for who she is?

Only one thing is for certain, Christmas Day is Mick Carter’s last day in Walford.

Elsewhere, Alfie has a plan to create Christmas magic for Kat and the kids by dressing as Santa and abseiling from the roof of the Mitchell house.

Of course, it doesn't go to plan and Phil goes outside and sees Alfie stuck on the roof.

Kat later invites Alfie in but there’s more trouble ahead when Phil finds out what’s been going on since he has been away.

Across the square, Lola wakes up to find Lexi opening presents and Jay hands her a lovely gift.

Billy commends Jay on sticking by Lola, and Jay reveals he’s going to propose today.

Enlisting the help of Ben, Jay organises an outdoor Christmas miracle and asks for Lola’s hand in marriage. Will she say ‘Yes’?

The Fox-Brannings have a nightmare when chef Kim takes control of Christmas dinner and destroys their Christmas lunch.

Denise says they will go with Raymond to the Mitchells and insists when Kim says she doesn’t want to beg for scraps from Phil.

Will Kat and Phil take them in?

It's Boxing Day and the residents are confused when they hear The Vic isn't opening.

The news about what happens travels round the square and leaves people shocked, while poor Scarlett finds herself the target of someone's rage.

Elsewhere, Zack melts Whitney’s heart with a kind gesture and offers to cook her dinner.

Freddie agrees to spend an evening playing board games with Jean to cheer her up, only to get an invite from Bobby to a sold-out event in Hackney.

Freddie and Jean are having their game night and Bobby gets roped in too.

But during the evening, Harvey arrives and the boys ditch Jean for the party.

Jean invites Harvey in and they spend a lovely evening together.

With the events of Christmas day still haunting those in the Square, Shirley realises that she has made a mistake and goes to make things right with Scarlett.

Whitney is impressed by Zack’s cooking and when he gives her a foot massage, they grow closer still.

Chelsea and Felix interrupt and while Whitney gets changed, they tell Zack to go for it with her. Will he take their advice?

It's New Years Eve and the Slater party is in full swing.

Jean is in her bedroom, fretting about Harvey getting cold feet while Eve is shaken when Nish and Suki arrive with a bottle of whiskey for her.

Stacey comes down and sees Harvey showing Freddie a ring- sized box, leaving Jean panicking that Harvey's going to propose.

As the clock counts down to midnight, Nish is trying to find Suki when Eve collapse.

Also at the party, Lily collapses in the hallway while Jean faints in Harvey’s arms.

When the paramedics arrive, they tell everyone to evacuate the house immediately as there's been a carbon-monoxide leak.

Elsewhere, Phil is thrilled to see the New Year in at Peggy’s with his family but his good mood is short lived.

Meanwhile Ricky tells Sonia he’s going back to Germany before he invites Sam to spend NYE together.

He then asks her to come to Germany and things get steamy.

But whilst Ricky pops out, Sam gets text from Phil – what will she do?

At Peggy’s, Chelsea implores Whitney to make a move on Zack but when she goes to speak to him, he reveals he’s been offered the job of a lifetime

Phil organises a celebratory Mitchell lunch and with his good spirits in full flow, he makes a very generous offer.

Kat confides in Alfie that Phil’s antics have created a big mess.

Meanwhile Nish is convinced the Slaters will sue over the boiler after speaking to cagey Eve.

In the meantime, he’s determined to strong-arm Ben into doing a deal on the Arches but is raging when Ben explains the deal is off.

Phil is raging when he realises he has been double crossed and takes matters into his own hands.

After overhearing Phil raging at Sharon’s door, Suki tells Nish not to take on the Mitchell’s.

Later, Nish apologises to Ben and Lola for being insensitive.

Harvey is appalled and calls Nish out, raging that he is responsible for the dodgy boiler and publicly humiliates him.

Phil becomes desperate and is forced into taking help from his nemesis, meanwhile, Billy faces up to reality and makes a big decision.

An enraged Nish is ranting about Harvey when Suki takes a call from the Health and Safety Investigator – they know who is at fault for the boiler.

Jean and Harvey are having a cosy chat when the Panesar's arrive.

Nish tells to Suki to put the Slater’s rent up while Phil is forced to take matters into his own hands.

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