EastEnders spoilers: Cindy Beale makes shock return with demand for Peter

CINDY Beale makes a shock return with a huge demand for Peter next week in EastEnders. 

The character – who was last played by Sex Education actress Mimi Keene – fled Walford with her boyfriend Liam Butcher in 2015.

Liam, now played by Alfie Deegan, made a surprise return to Walford to see his sister Tiffany Butcher last month. 

But it soon became apparent that Liam had been up to no good and owed someone a huge amount of money. 

Next week, the soap will give a further insight into the real reason for Liam’s sudden arrival as he ignores a call from Cindy, leading her to get in contact with her brother Peter and ask for money. 

Cindy also spills the beans on what’s going on between her and Liam.

Peter storms around to confront Liam for the way he is treating his sister, but his aunt Janine covers for him and sends Peter on his way. 

Later, Peter confides in Ash about Liam’s behaviour towards Cindy.

Could Cindy be about to return to Walford to confront Liam herself?

Liam teams up with Janine next week as they hatch a plan to make some quick cash.

Liam puts the plan in motion and bigs up Janine’s selling skills to Jay, who takes the bait. 

However, Janine is stopped in her tracks by Billy when he realises what’s going on and threatens to tell Jay everything. 

Back to her old tricks, Janine still finds a way to get what she wants, but will she throw Liam under the bus in the process?

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