David Blaine loses 3 stone in 3 months after cutting sugar from diet

DAVID Blaine has seen a staggering 3 stone vanish from his waistline after cutting out sugar from his diet.

Magician and illusionist David, 46, still eats the odd piece of fruit but has banned all other sugary drinks, meals and snacks.

The star says he feels "16 again" and has described his sugar-free lifestyle as his "new obsession".

Speaking on Chris Evans' Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, David said: "Sugar is my new topic of conversation – I have lost 19 kilos in last 3 months.

"Normally when I diet it is quite a struggle, but I eliminated all sugar and I have no cravings for [it].

"Sugar is very addictive.

"When you eliminate it all you don't crave it. It just changes the way you feel."

Despite suffering from a torn meniscus in his leg, David has a new lease of life since banning sugar.

He continued: "I'm able to run again even though I have a torn meniscus – the doctors said I couldn't run again.

"I feel like I'm 16 years old. "

David was born in the US and started his career as a street magician.

He has since gone on to wow the world with his magic, which has included some seriously extravagant, death-defying stunts.

In 1999, he spent seven days entombed in a plastic box underground. The following year he tried – but failed – to stay encased in a block of ice for 72 hours.

David has also carried out numerous other stunts involving electric volts and being hung upside down for several days.

One of his most famous stunts took place in London in 2003, where he spent 44 days suspended above the banks of the River Thames in a perspex box without food.

Next week, David will be performing at various venues around the UK for his latest tour.

And he has never felt better.

David continued to tell Chris: "When I have something sugary, the next morning I feel the bloating.

"It's my obsession because I can't believe the way I feel and how I operate.

"My doctor has said I've gained and lost as much as weight as a baby elephant."

He added: "Three months ago I was 245 lbs and now I've dropped to 203lbs.

"When I was in the box for 44 days, I dropped 60 lbs.

"What's interesting about no sugar is it's the first time it's been easy – it's not been a difficult procedure.

"I have avocado, I have olive oil, I have fish."

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