Dan Wootton sparks row in tirade against BBC’s Boris gaffe

BBC News: Martine Croxall asks if she’s ‘allowed to be this gleeful’

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The GB News presenter has claimed Martine Croxall’s response to Boris Johnson’s exit from the leadership race is proof the BBC wants the Conservative Party to fail under new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. However, Dan Wootton’s comments against the broadcaster have been met with a divisive response from viewers on Twitter.

News presenter Wootton was shocked to see the BBC anchor gleefully announcing Johnson’s decision to pull out on Sunday evening.

In his GB News broadcast on Monday, he claimed Johnson would have “thrashed” Sunak if his bid had been brought to a members’ vote.

“And just look at how the BBC celebrated live on-air last night, during a supposed news broadcast,” he said.

The show then cut to Croxall smiling as she delivered the news of the former PM’s exit from the leadership contest.

She began: “Well this is all very exciting, isn’t it? Am I allowed to be this gleeful? Well, I am.”

“That biased presenter, Martine Croxall, has now been suspended,” Wootton explained.

“But, let’s be honest, she was only reflecting what the ‘Brexit Bashing Corporation’ really thinks behind the scenes.”

He then refused to back down from his stance on Sunak’s victory, claiming his leadership bid was a coup devised to keep Johnson out of Downing Street.

Wootton went on: “Please do forgive me if I struggle with all the calls tonight from senior Tories telling me that I just must unite behind ‘Fishy Rishi’.

“When it was Sunak who allowed his allies to spend the last six weeks destabilising [Liz] Truss, and who previously spent six months destabilising Boris Johnson’s premiership.

“Let me be clear; I do hope Sunak succeeds for the sake of the country. But I have serious doubts about his motivations and who is pulling the strings.”

The GB News presenter’s comments clearly ruffled some feathers amongst viewers, and although some agreed with his claim the BBC is biased against the Conservative Party, others disagreed.

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Malcolm Shenton tweeted: “The BBC and its presenters are now past redemption….it’s a shame!”

And @wessacher wrote: “This is just one tiny example of BBC political bias, and lack of impartiality.

“You provide 60 percent of the news coverage in the UK. You have too much power and along with the other MSM damage democracy. Only GBNews v BBCNews/ITVNews/SkyNews/ Channel 4 News etc.” (sic)

However, Keiron Goodwin disagreed with the host as he responded: “I think it was wrong, but I think you’re taking this too far now, how come you don’t criticise your fellow [GB News] presenters?”

Nick Warren claimed: “And yet the BBC is run by Tories and Tory donors, what a paradox!

“It’s almost like you’ll say whatever you want to suit your agenda, no matter how fantastical it might be.

Jordy Harding added: “You’re not trying to… Cancel… The BBC are you?” (sic)

And Darren Lindfield retorted: “The BBC is living rent-free in your head. Get over yourself.”

BBC presenter Coxall has reportedly since been taken off air after her comments about Johnson potentially broke the broadcaster’s impartiality rules.

Dan Wootton tonight airs weekdays from 9pm on GB News.

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