Countryfile viewers slam Tom Heaps fuel poverty debate Stop moaning’

Countryfile: Tom discusses fuel prices

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Tom Heap gave Countryfile viewers an insight into the challenges of living off-grid on Sunday’s episode of the BBC show. The presenter looked into rising fuel costs and the impact it is having on countryside residents. However, some viewers hit back at the segment, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Tom began: “With shorter days and long winter nights, many of us are balancing staying warm with keeping energy bills down.

“On top of that we’re all dealing with higher fuel prices and out here in the countryside homes can often be older and poorly insulated, meaning it’s even tougher to keep the cold at bay.

“On average it’s estimated household energy bills rose by more than £230 last year, with some predicting another 50 per cent rise in energy costs within the next 12 months.

“It’s not just those on the gas grid feeling the pinch. Across Britain there are over four million households living off-grid, reliant on oil, liquid gas and coal,” he explained.

To learn more about the challenges of living off-grid Tom chatted to dressage rider Stephanie Croxford.

She explained her home acts as her training ground, but Tom noted “international sport doesn’t always pay the fuel bills”.

“How difficult is it to heat the house?” Tom asked.

Stephanie replied: “It is incredibly difficult. My husband obviously is currently working at home because of covid, so you’ve obviously got to heat the house and normally you wouldn’t do that under normal circumstances.

“It’s affecting us all. It’s the realisation that everybody’s struggling,” she added.

However, many viewers were left angered by the segment and took to Twitter to complain.

“If I wanted to watch boring stuff about household bills I could watch Martin Lewis instead! #countryfile,” @fuzzle7777 fumed.

@RobSpontaneous remarked: “Rich people trying to keep warm #countryfile.”

Meanwhile, others suggested there were multiple ways Stephanie could deal with rising fuel costs.

“Hack down some trees and buy a woodburner #countryfile,” @tonester_trader said.

“#Countryfile wind turbines? Solar panels?” @oldcelt1 suggested.

“Not heard of these things called jobs love, you get paid and they pay you money? #countryfile,” @silvergold1972 commented.

@heifer666 posted: “#countryfile get a job then like the rest of us have too.”

@Dr_DavidBanner said: “Put an extra jumper on and stop moaning #countryfile.”

Countryfile airs Sundays at 5pm on BBC One.

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