Corrie’s Alahan twin stars tease huge explosion as Dev chooses one twin to die

Coronation Street's super soap week is set to be a blockbuster event, with heartbreak guaranteed for plenty of people on the cobbles.

Producer Iain MacLeod has already vowed that one much-loved character is set to be killed off, and in one October storyline it comes down to Dev Alahan to choose which of his children to save from a burning car.

Heading off for a family trip, the family find themselves trapped in the storm raging over Weatherfield, as the prison van containing Harvey Gaskell swerves into Dev's car.

With smoke seeping into the car, it's up to Dev to decide whether to help Asha or Aadi – and he opts to drag Asha away from the vehicle in place of his son.

But soon a "huge" explosion rocks the car – will anyone make it out alive?

Explaining her role in filming the stunt scenes, Tanisha Gorey, who plays Asha on the cobbles, told Daily Star: "Because of the country road, everyone had to sneak into the woods so you couldn't be seen on camera, but the explosion was insane.

"It was so loud. I just didn't expect anything like that – I've obviously never seen anything like that in real life before."

She added: "It was 100 percent like a movie set. There were just so many new things – a drone camera, all these cool gadgets, and a little fake moon up in the sky.

"I felt like a celebrity, I'll admit."

Adam Hussain, who plays Aadi, added: "The car crash was so intense – the back of the car just goes flying off."

For the twins, the crash brings a lot of "resentment" to the forefront, with Adam teasing a huge family fallout for the Alahans.

He explained: "The family dynamic at the moment is very strained. Obviously there's always been a sibling rivalry between the two twins, but I feel like Aadi has a lot of resentment for his father now.

"There have always been little moments where Dev has undermined Aadi, like when he expected Asha would get the better grades and Aadi proved him wrong.

"I think all of those moments are building up this resentment – and the moment of the crash is the catalyst of Aadi believing that his father doesn't really care about him, and he only keeps him around for running the shop."

The star went on: "Aadi is awake [in the car], sitting right next to Dev, and he's asking Dev to help him so they can both help Asha together.

"But in that frantic moment, Dev stumbles out of the car and says to Aadi, 'Help yourself', and I think that's the catalyst moment for him.

"That's the tipping point. Dev's more worried about Asha because she's unconscious, but Aadi is still there, awake, right next to him, asking him for help. And the very last thing Dev says to him is, 'Help yourself', so I think that makes him resent his father quite a bit."

Adam continued: "He feels like he has to take care of himself from now on. His own dad won't even help him out of a burning car.

"Aadi has been forced to mature at a young age and look after himself – he’s always sort of been doing that, working at the shop and whatnot, so I think he’s not entirely shocked.

"It’s sort of a realisation like, 'Oh that’s how it’s going to be.'"

But Tanisha had some insight into why Dev might sometimes go the extra mile with Asha, as she explained: "I don't think Asha is favoured. The twins both don't have a mother, but Aadi has a dad – a male figure in his life he looks up to.

"Whereas Asha doesn't have that in a mother, she doesn't have the female lead to show her the little things. Like when she's going through puberty and all these changes – Dev doesn't understand any of it.

"So Dev is trying to put a little bit more effort in with her to try and understand her, and with all that Asha has been through I truly don't think she's being favoured more, because she needs that help."

It's clear the Alahans' lives are going to be changed forever in the aftermath of the crash – but who will survive?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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