Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby will be forced to go to war to save son Simon Barlow

CORONATION Street's Leanne Battersby will be forced to go to war to save her son Simon Barlow life in upcoming scenes on the show.

The PA, played by actress Jane Danson in the popular ITV soap, is currently having a hard time coming to terms with the loss of her three-year-old son Oliver after forming an incurable form of mitochondrial disease.

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She isn't seeing eye to eye with ex boyfriend Nick (Ben Price), her sister Toyah (Georgia Taylor) recently became a new foster mum and distanced herself from those closest to her by locking herself away in her flat during the Christmas period.

To make matters worse, step-son Simon (Alex Bain) is also playing up, making it even harder for her to function properly.

The troubled teen gets himself into a spot of trouble and because Leanne needs something to fight for, having just lost her son Oliver, she puts her all into trying to get Simon out of it.

Executive producer of the soap, Iain MacLeod, opened up to The Sun Online about what viewers can expect from the mother and son duo over the next few months.

He explained: "What we're trying to do with Simon and Leanne is find a way to play their grief that doesn't feel like grief stories that we've done and other shows might have done. 

“We've come up with something that starts quite small, but ends up turning into this colossal, thriller-ish, high-octane piece that will play out in the first six months of 2021. 

"It ends up with Simon being driven by grief and getting himself into an inescapable situation. 

“That forces Leanne to put her war paint on and go out in defence of her remaining son. She takes on an incredibly dangerous situation in order to protect Simon.

"That ends up drawing in Nick and Sam – and it collides with Peter and Carla's love story too. It is a grief story, but it's far removed from being one woman sitting alone in a room and feeling sad."

But don't worry, Leanne doesn't do this all alone. Earlier this week it was teased that she manages to get help to try and put Simon's actions right by one of Rita Tanner's old pals.

Meanwhile, episodes due to air later this month will follow Leanne's struggle with sleep as she mourns for her baby boy.

Simon is left worried for his step mum's safety when he finds her unconscious in the living room after taking too many sleeping pills.

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