Coronation Street spoilers: Nina Lucas moves on from Asha Alahan with Seb Franklin as they clash in bitter row

NINA Lucas moves on from Asha Alahan with Seb Franklin as they clash over the environment next week in Emmerdale. 

Nina dumped Asha after realising they were moving too quickly – and told her they would be better off as friends. 

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Next week, Asha agrees to meet up with Corey when he suggests hanging out after discovering she’s split from Nina.

Nina is concerned when Asha reveals she’s seeing Corey later. 

In a bid to make a stand against traffic pollution, Nina blocks Victoria Street with tables from the cafe and infuriates Seb, who shouts he’s trying to get to work. 

As Nina and Seb have a showdown on the street, Roy intervenes and forces her to move the tables back on the pavement. 

When Seb ends up confiding in Nina that he’s going to get his hair cut as he’s sick of the lads at work taking the mickey, Nina tells him to be himself. 

When the conversation moves onto music, the pair start to see a different side to each other.

Later, Nina is upset when she hears Asha has gone running back to Corey, and invites Seb round. 

Meanwhile, Dev arrives home and is furious to find Corey pressuring his daughter to go to bed with him. 

Corey is humiliated when Dev boots him out of the house, before quizzing Asha about Nina. 

Asha insists she’s not bothered about Nina moving on with Seb, but Dev can see that she’s feigning happiness. 

Will Dev intervene and get them back together?

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