Coronation Street confirms Geoff Metcalfe is dead – as Yasmeen is let go by the police

CORONATION Street has confirmed that Geoff Metcalfe is dead – and that Yasmeen Nazir is free of him.

The abusive monster – who was played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – died after slipping and falling off the roof while trying to attack Yasmeen.

In tonight’s episode Yasmeen was frozen on the roof, terrified about going back to prison.

It took Alya, Sally and Tim to talk her down – and even then she was scared of moving in case it looked like she had tried to kill Geoff.

Elaine told her: “You should’ve said yes to that brandy. It was him who said no alcohol, no friends, no freedom, no life.

“He’s gone Yasmeen. He can’t treat anyone else like he treated us.”

But Yasmeen just wandered outside determined to see that Geoff was dead for herself.

As the paramedics wheeled away Geoff’s body, Tim said: “I keep thinking it’s one of his tricks, that he’s going to turn around do that ta da thing.”

Terrified of being taken back to prison, she was convinced that no-one would believe her.

Fortunately the police detective did believe her – and told her so.

She said: “We will have to talk to you again Yasmeen, I don’t mean tonight. 

“We’ll talk to you tomorrow. I’ve been working on your case since the start. I know what you’ve been through, I believe you. Go home and get some rest.”

Relieved that she was free, her only thoughts were for her chickens and ensuring they were cared for.

Later Sally took Yasmeen home leaving Tim with Elaine.

She tried her best to make Tim feel better – and told him that she would be there for him.

“I’m sorry you’ve lost your dad but you’re still a son,” she told him. 

“You’re my son, whenever you’re ready.”

With Geoff dead, Elaine is Tim’s only parent left and it looks like she will be sticking around on the cobbles as next week Tim insists she moves in with him and Sally.

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