Coleen Rooney throws Wayne an isolation birthday party as he blows out his candles in lockdown

COLEEN Rooney threw husband Wayne an isolation birthday party with their four sons as they continue to quarantine after being in contact with a pal who has coronavirus.

The footballer turns 35 years old today, and although he tested negative for the disease, he and his loved ones still have to self-isolate for 14 days – meaning that they couldn't celebrate his birthday outside of their home.

Still, 34-year-old Coleen was sure to spoil her husband rotten, sharing a sneak peek into his birthday morning with her Instagram followers as she posted a photo of the star blowing out his candles.

In the snap, Wayne is crouching beside a green tiered birthday cake, which appears to have a golfing theme.

He is surrounded by presents wrapped in polka dot paper, and there are also green and white helium balloon decorations, with the green ones reading: "Dad".

The photo was taken in front of some double doors that lead out to the family's rainy patio, where the furniture is suitably covered up for protection from the elements.

The doors are framed with luxury pleated curtains, and Wayne is posed on top of smooth grey carpet – with a brown fluffy rug to his right hand side.

The couple's children surround their dad on his special day, with Wayne and Coleen mum and dad to 10-year-old Kai, seven-year-old Klay, four-year-old Kit, and two-year-old Cass.

Coleen simply captioned the sweet post: "Birthday mornings….💙🥰".

Last week, The Sun revealed that Wayne had to undergo an emergency Covid test after he was visited at home by infected pal Josh Bardsley.

Josh had stopped by to deliver Wayne a luxury watch earlier in the week, and had later tested positive for the highly contagious disease.

Josh had already been contacted by Test and Trace and should have been self-isolating, but did not make the Rooneys aware of this before he visited.

Wayne was completely oblivious to the situation and played in Derby's 1-0 defeat at home to Watford the following evening.

A spokesman told us at the time: “Wayne met Josh Bardsley briefly when he visited Wayne’s house on Thursday.

“Wayne was not told by Josh or anyone else before or during that visit that Josh had been told to take a coronavirus test.

“Had he known Josh had been contacted by Track and Trace or had tested positive he would have refused to have seen him.

“Wayne is angry and disappointed that he, his family and his club have been put in this position by someone acting secretly and in breach of government and NHS guidelines. He is now taking a coronavirus test as a result of his contact with Josh.”

On Monday, Wayne tweeted that his test had come back negative – but shared his anger that he and his family still had to self-isolate.

He wrote: "Just received the news that my covid-19 test has shown I do not have the virus.

"Delighted for myself and family but obviously angry and disappointed that I now have to self-isolate and miss vital games for @dcfcofficial"

Despite testing negative, government guidelines state anyone who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive must self-isolate for 14 days.

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