Chris Kamara fumes ‘what more do they want’ in rant at billionaire Super League owners

Chris Kamara slams European Super League proposal

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With six of England’s biggest football teams announcing plans to join a European Super League, fans, pundits and former players everywhere have spoken out in condemnation of the proposals. And on Channel 4 talk show Steph’s Packed Lunch, former footballer Chris Kamara was no different, admitting he was “raging” at the idea and the implications it may have for the sport as a whole in England. In fact, the footballer turned presenter became so enraged during his passionate rant, host Steph McGovern had to interject.

The European Super League will see Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Spurs compete in a brand new tournament every against some of Europe’s other most decorated teams.

However, the plans have been widely condemned as a money grab by the clubs’ owners with the competition guaranteeing lucrative football for these select teams year in, year out without a threat of relegation.

“It sounds very dramatic, Kammy,” Steph said as the discussion began before Chris let loose and pleaded with everyone to try and stop the plans from happening.

He began: “If they [the six Premier League teams] go and they leave, good riddance.”

Chris continued: “I don’t want them to go in any way shape or form, we’ve got to keep what we have together.

“But if they go, let them go. It’s not the players, it’s not the managers, it’s not the fans, it’s the owners.

“The owners are doing this, they’ve got billions, they’re billionaires, so why do they want more money?

“At this time with the pandemic – oh, I’m raging, Steph,” Chris said as he got caught up in his rant.

“I know!” Steph replied as a ripple of laughter emerged in the Channel 4 studio but Kammy wasn’t to be stopped.

“At this time with the pandemic to come out with something like this on Sunday, on Monday there it is for all to see. Scandal.”

Steph then weighed in to ask what happens to the fans of these clubs now with the vast majority opposing the plans.

“Boycott the stadiums. This can’t be allowed to happen, I really mean that, Steph.”

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He continued: “It cannot be allowed, the players are not on board, the fans are not on board with it, the managers are not on board with it.

“We must stop this. The government, Prince William, whoever – let’s make sure we stop this for the sake of football.

“What we have in this country is the envy of every single country. The pyramid system, start at the bottom, can get to the Premier League.

“That could happen again but it’s tainted because six clubs wouldn’t be there.”

As the dust began to settle on his rant, Steph interjected with a joke: “You’re not gonna shut up about this are you?”

And Kammy is far from the only footballing figure who has spoken publicly to condemn the plans.

Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Gary Neville, David Seaman and Jamie Carragher are just four of several former players to speak publicly in opposition.

Steph’s Packed Lunch continues weekdays at 12:30pm on Channel 4.

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