Cheapskate woman refuses to buy toilet paper and finds furniture in skips

A woman has confessed she is so frugal she doesn't use toilet paper and instead of spending money on furniture she just "finds" stuff in the skip.

Talking on the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates, Kate Hashimoto explains the unique lifestyle that sees her survive on just $200 (£146) in New York City each month.

She says: "I have lived in New York for three years, although it's the most expensive city to live in I have found ways to get around it.

"If I have to spend money, I try and avoid it, I will try and pay as little as possible."

Explaining how she gets around her toilet issue in a hygienic way, Kate sits on the bog fully clothed and demonstrates her cleaning regime.

She says: "I don't use toilet paper, I just use water and soap to wash myself off after going to the bathroom.

"I take a water bottle that I have and rinse myself off. If I have just urinated I do that and then I dry myself off with one of the paper towels I have."

She adds: "If I take a dump then I also grab the soap and rub myself down and then I rinse it off."

Kate explains she doesn't believe in spending money on things that will just be thrown away and salvages her used paper towels from public restrooms, leaving them to dry and then reusing them at home.

As well as scrimping on toilet paper, Kate began cutting her own hair into a wavy bob after deciding a $10 (£7.30) trip to a beauty school once a year was just too dear.

Sounding shocked, she says: "I have heard that normal people pay $100 (£73) for a haircut!

"Now that is very hard to imagine, I can't believe that."

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