Casualty spoilers: Panic in the ED as Robyn’s daughter goes missing

It’s another busy shift in Casualty and with the CQC inspectors arriving in the department, Charlie (Derek Thompson) can’t afford to be without experienced nurses. When Robyn (Amanda Henderson) drops in to get her purse, Charlie asks if she’ll work a shift. Robyn has her daughter Charlotte with her, and Duffy (Cathy Shipton) offers to help out by looking after the little girl while Robyn works.

Robyn is a little bit reluctant, but when Duffy promises that they’ll take a taxi straight home and stay there all day she agrees. Duffy and Charlotte go off together and their day starts very happily – but when a bewildered and frightened Duffy arrives in the ED later on, Robyn’s horrified to discover that Charlotte isn’t with her and Duffy has no recollection of where she might be. What’s happened to little Charlotte? And has Charlie been deceiving himself about how bad Duffy’s condition has become?

Meanwhile, Effie (Abigail Hardingham) is recovering from her recent illness and tells Ethan (George Rainsford) she wants to live life to the full while she still can. Ethan makes a gesture of commitment to her – but a patient makes him wonder if he’s really what Effie needs in her life.

Dylan (William Beck) has a word with Rash (Neet Mohan) and Ethan, after Rash punched his senior colleague the other week, and tells them they need to behave in a professional manner with each other from now on. He makes it clear to Rash that he’s on his final warning and Dylan won’t tolerate any more mistakes.

Paired again with Mason (Victor Oshin) for the day, Rash is understandably reluctant to trust the newish F1, who’s been the cause of so much trouble for Rash in the past. So when Mason thinks he spots some alarming symptoms in a patient, Rash isn’t convinced. But is Mason right this time? And can Rash finally trust him?

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