Britain's Got Talent viewers spot The Haunting blunder as Elizabeth hides behind a wall before rejoining Amanda Holden

EAGLE-EYED Britain's Got Talent viewers noticed Elizabeth from creepy act The Haunting hiding behind a wall before rejoining judge Amanda Holden on her way back to the stage on last night's show.

The spooky semi-final act saw Amanda come face to face with the ghost of mysterious Agatha and her 11-year-old daughter in a dingy room.

As Agatha smashed through a mirror and smothered Amanda in the darkness, magician Elizabeth vanished.

When the lights returned Agatha began leading Amanda back to the stage, however, at the top of some steps Agatha transformed into Elizabeth.

However, the trick was exposed by fans who noticed the magician lurking behind a wall ready to take over from Agatha.

Revealing the truth behind the illusion, one viewer shared a clip of the moment on Twitter and wrote: "You can see her round the corner of the wall#bgt."

A second claimed to have noticed two more mistakes, writing: "#BGT the haunting made 3 mistakes. Could hear the ginger girl moving when cover went over her. Could see the same girl moving when the lights went out. And then could see the lady waiting to switch…."

Another said: "Anyone else see The Haunting hiding around the wall to take over leading Amanda back to the stage? #BGT."

As a fourth laughed: "Camera angle wasn’t good at all for the haunting saw the woman come from behind the wall @BGT ."

Amanda was forced to say sorry after blurting out the F-word during the act.

The judge once again played a major role in The Haunting's performance and was left shrieking in terror.

After making it back to her seat in one piece, Amanda issued an apology.

She said: "I really want to apologise for saying a terrible word. I know my kids are watching so I apologise for that. I can honestly say I feel terrified."

Ant and Dec also apologised for the language as did Simon Cowell, who lavished praise on the performance.

He cheekily added about Amanda's screaming: "It was like being next door to you on your honeymoon night."

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