Bradley Walsh amazed after The Chases ‘most thrilling game in years’

The Chase contestant reveals he dresses up as a rabbit

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On Thursday’s instalment of ITV’s The Chase, viewers welcomed four new players all hopeful of taking away some cash. However as the final chase got underway, host Bradley Walsh was blown away by the remaining contestants’ performance.

At the start of the episode, Bradley introduced players Patrick, Gemma, Charlie and Connor to the show all keen to take home a cash prize.

Going up against quizzer The Vixen, whose real name is Jenny Ryan, the 40-year-old was impressed after Patrick and Charlie managed to make it back to the table with an impressive £14,000.

Although Gemma was caught going head-to-head with Jenny, Connor added an extra £7,000 to the total prize pot, meaning the final three contestants were playing for a huge £21,000.

As the final chase drew to an end, with the Vixen narrowly missing out on catching them by one, Bradley told the remaining players they’d won the game.

With the three contestants all embracing in celebration, they were shocked to have beaten The Vixen.

It looked as though they weren’t the only people who were blown away by the outcome as host Bradley Walsh was gobsmacked.

He commented: “I’ve got to say, that was unbelievable.

“That’s the most thrilling game I’ve taken part in, in years and years and years.”

With three attempts to push the chaser back, the team managed to successfully answer all of the questions Jenny couldn’t, which was vital in them winning the money in the jackpot.

Bradley continued: “The chaser needed one (more question). That was so close, unbelievable.”

With the team walking away with £21,000, divided into £7,00 each, the ITV host questioned what they’d do with their winnings.

Patrick replied: “We’ll go to Tanzania Safari.”

Charlie commented: “I think we might be going on our honeymoon.”

With player Connor confessing he’ll be buying a new costume with his earnings, after previously admitting he walks around with his friends dressed as animals.

Joking, Bradley quipped: “Can’t believe that’s a way to spend your dosh, dressed as a lizard walking around Manchester. Well, they’ll know it’s you mate won’t they?”

Calling their performance magnificent, Bradley congratulated the players as he told them they all deserved the £21,000.

Sharing her comments on the team winning, The Vixen replied: “Normally with a score of 22 I’d come in and say ‘you’ve already done the hard work’.

“But, there was still more hard work to do, you needed every one of those pushbacks.

“The fact that you remained focused and got them is what has got you the money now, that was such a great performance.”

The Chase continues weekdays on ITV from 5pm.

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