Booster Covid vaccines produce higher immune response – GP slams Boris messaging

COVID-19 vaccine: GP slams government over messaging

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GP and osteopath Nick Mann has slammed No. 10 for their “appalling” messaging about the side effects of vaccines, saying some people may have a strong reaction to their Covid booster jab because it produces a higher immune response. It came as the Government announces that walk-in sites across England will now be offering booster jabs to those already double vaccinated in bid to increase take-up ahead of winter.

Speaking on TalkRadio, the host Mike Graham said: “I had a couple of people tell me that because the booster is a different manufacturer advisor to most of them.

“They had a bad reaction to it but not for the previous two injections they got from AstraZeneca.”

Nick Mann said in response: “I’ve not seen evidence of those sort of signals translating into real findings.

“And a lot of people do rely on anecdotal reports.”

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The host interjected: “But I don’t think they’re lying to me do you?”

The GP said: “Absolutely not, but people’s individual experiences don’t necessarily represent the Mass Effect on the population.”

The host asked: “No, I’m just asking you why that would be though.

“Is it the fact that it’s a different manufacturer? Is that the issue?”

Mr Mann said: “It’s often the case with the third dose of vaccine when you have already got a good memory, immune memory, that the third dose produces a higher immune response.

“So you feel that more-it’s the same with things like tetanus, often the third dose will give you a bigger immune response.

“And all that means is you’re reacting better to the vaccine.

“It’s not it’s not harm. It’s just a temporary discomfort.”

The GP said: “Yes agreed. Although there has been a lot of mixed information about the harms of the vaccine, which are really untrue.

“The vaccines are very clearly safe by all the vast majority of people.”

The host said: “But there are people who have suffered as a result of getting them and that’s the thing that I mean about the Government never really talks about it instead of just admitting that that’s the case.

“But it’s a very, very unlikely situation to affect you. They kind of try and pretend it’s not happening.”

The GP said: “I agree. I think the government messaging has been extremely it has been appalling.”
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