Ben Shephard points out Tipping Point player’s ‘danglers’ in cheeky moment

Ben Shephard dropped a cheeky innuendo during Wednesday's episode of Tipping Point which left viewers in fits of giggles.

The 45-year-old television star was back presenting the show which saw four contestants battle it out to hopefully win thousands of pounds.

A contestant named Lottie had unfortunately missed out on a few counters which were left dangling over the edge of the drop.

When it was Billy's turn to have a go, Ben let slip a hilarious innuendo when talking about Lottie's leftover counters.

He told Billy: "Okay Billy, let's see if you can get your hands on Lottie's danglers."

Viewers were in hysterics, with one tweeting: "@TippingPointITV did Ben just say that Billy could get his hands on Lottie's danglers."

While another penned: "@benshephard need to watch what your saying Mr Shephard, "GET YOUR HANDS ON LOTTY'S DANGLERS" LOL."

"@TippingPointITV @benshephard Did I just hear correctly? "Ok Billy, let's see if you can get your hands on Lotty's danglers". Classic comment", added a third.

Unfortunately both Billy and Lotty didn't make it through, as a contestant named Peter bagged enough cash to play in the final round.

However, viewers were distracted as they continued to laugh about Ben's "danglers" remark.

Another tweeted: "@benshephard @TippingPointITV "Could get your hands on Lotty's danglers"!!! Ermmm…..hello!", with two laughing emojis.

A fifth laughed: ""@benshephard "could get your hands on Lotty's danglers" what a phrase Ben on todays Tipping Point. Love it", with two laughing-face emoji icons."

Peter decided to take his winnings of £3,400, rather than trade it for the chance to win the jackpot of £10k.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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