Ben Foden’s ex says his new wife knew all about his ‘filthy’ texts and his ‘questionable’ behaviour before they married – The Sun

BEN Foden's new wife knew all about her love rat husband's "questionable" behaviour before they married, says his ex.

Former-Big Brother contestant Rebecca Jane, 33, was shocked to discover the rugby ace tied the knot so soon after they exchanged messages about "filthy" sex.

The sportsman — previously wed to Saturdays singer Una Healy — started dating Jackie Belanoff Smith and married her after a fortnight.

Appearing on This Morning today, Rebecca defended Ben's behaviour and said that his new wife knows what he's like.

Ruth Langsford asked Rebecca: "We saw in the papers that Ben Foden, who got married very quickly after meeting somebody, I believe after two or three weeks, and I believe he had been messaging you just before that. Is that right?"

Rebecca replied: "What I will say is that I have nothing bad to say about Ben, I'm not going to sit here and slam him.

"I think in my personal opinion he has been a decent person towards me, however from reading everything and believing everything we've read in the papers, I think some of his conduct has been probably… questionable.

"I can categorically, honestly say that when I've met him and any point when I've spoken to him, I have had absolutely no inclination that there would have been anybody else and he has certainly not said that to me. And I would like to not be as cynical as I am and believe that's the case.

"I think he's taken an absolute hammering and I think it's very unfortunate because I think he and his new wife know the situation."

Earlier this week, pals said Ben hinted to Rebecca that their relationship might become more serious.

A friend of Rebecca said: “She was absolutely stunned that Ben got married as they hooked up earlier this year and still messaged all the time.

“They would talk a lot about sex and swap pictures, but Ben also made out as if there could be hope for something more serious between them.

“He told her he was done with his ‘shagging anything that moves’ phase and hinted they would meet up soon. He never mentioned another woman.”

Mum-of-two Rebecca then read in shock as Ben told of his marriage to New Yorker Jackie in an Instagram post — and messaged the love rat.

The pal said: “He confirmed he got married, but included an emoji showing someone with their head exploding.

“He said he had to stop playing the field at some point. She was shocked but isn’t bitter and wished him congratulations. But it feels like a crazy thing to move on so quickly.”

Ex-England ace Ben, who will return to the spotlight on ITV’s Celebrity X Factor, revealed last week he had married “the greatest human I’ve ever come across”.

The ceremony in Massachusetts, US, came a year after The Sun told how he cheated on first wife Una, 37.

Her Saturdays bandmates were said to have “rallied round her” after the news of his surprise wedding.

The couple were together for a decade and have two children — but Ben has said lifestyle website worker Jackie will be a “great stepmum”.

Ben, who now plays Stateside for Rugby United New York, gushed over his new bride saying: “She’s intelligent, charming, funny, generous, kind, gentle, energetic — the list goes on.

“My heart is full and I honestly couldn’t be happier, so those that want to bring negativity or try and tear me down go ahead. I hope you all will one day feel happiness like I feel while I write this caption.”

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