BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood stunned as Naga Munchetty tells her to hide face

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Carol Kirkwood was left looking visibly stunned – and a little bit stung – on Thursday's BBC Breakfast after Naga Munchetty gave her a bit of a back-handed compliment.

Weather presenter Carol was giving viewers details of the partial solar eclipse that was coming up, when Naga gave her some advice.

"What you need to do, Carol, is get a cardboard box, put it on your head and face away from the sun with a little prick in the other side," she said.

"We've been showing that in the Shetlands this morning, and I think it would really suit you."

Carol laughed along for a second before Naga's words seemed to sink in, and she looked visibly stung by the dig.

"Are you saying I should wear a box over my head?" she slapped back, though she added: "It's a good idea though, and it works as we saw."

Naga's co-host Charlie Stayt then asked Carol for a demonstration, while Naga took it a step further and asked for her to "roar" while the box was on her head.

Brushing off the attention, Carol said: "Gosh, look at the time, I'll see you later."

The request for the roar came after Naga and Charlie took aim at Carol earlier on in the show after showing a clip of tennis player Novak Djokovic winning his latest match at the French Open.

The excited sportsman could be heard roaring in celebration to an empty court, as the crowd had left due to a curfew in Paris.

Charlie teased: "People see her, the television image of how she's doing the weather and whatever… this is kind of what she does."

Naga joked: "All I saw there was Carol at three minutes to six."

She went on: "Three minutes to six and we all tremble. Honestly, it takes me a good half hour to recover."

Carol brushed off the comments though, saying: "Yeah, whatever, whatever!"

While the attention was on Carol on Thursday, it was all about Louise Minchin on Wednesday.

The host, who has been with the show for almost 20 years, announced she was leaving BBC Breakfast.

"It is time I stopped setting my alarm for 3:40," she said, adding that she was looking forward to "lots of lie-ins".

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