Bake Off stars predicts winner as two contestants dealt crushing blow

The Great British Bake Off: Carole's masks falls off

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The competition is heating up in The Great British Bake Off tent with the show now entering Pastry Week and the remaining contenders taking on vol-au-vents and a show-stopping 3D pie-scape depicting their favourite childhood story. There are just five home bakers still in the Channel 4 competition: Sandro, Janusz, Syabira, Abdul and Maxy. However, two more contestants are going to be eliminated before the all-important final.

Speaking exclusively to last year’s finalists Chigs Parmar, Giuseppe Dell’Anno and Crystelle Pereira, the trio weighed in on who they think could go all the way.

Reigning Bake Off champion Giuseppe said: “So, I think we’ve agreed our final trio between the three of us and I think it’s going to be definitely Janusz, Syabira, and Maxy.”

Adding: “So, we should be putting money on this one. I’ve got a very good feeling about the three of them.”

Giuseppe continued: “They are all very clinical. They are so meticulous which is why I like them. It ticks my boxes.”

Crystelle went on to explain what the three had the edge: “They stand out and what’s really nice about Bake Off is when you see people finding their own spin on things, bring their own flavour to the tent.

“Janusz, Maxy and Syabira do that all well. They have their own unique flavours, kind of innovative designs which is why I really like them.”

While Chigs echoed his fellow Bake Off co-stars in their praise: “They’re amazing. They stand out.”

He said: “I’m the same. I think they’re very daring in the flavours they use. I like the fact that they’ve got the guts to go out and do stuff like that, so brilliant.”

Given the show has been pre-recorded, fans will have to wait and see who is going to be making it to the final and who will sadly fall at the last hurdle.

With only five contenders left on Bake Off, each one will be vying for a place in the next round and trying not to end up in the elimination zone.

However, this is only a prediction, and Sandro and Abdul could be dark horses and surpass some of their competition in the next couple of weeks.

The Bake Off trio went on to offer some words of wisdom for all the new contestants.

Chigs said: “Just enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t zap the fun out of it. Go in there, you love baking. Don’t go in there to win. Just go in there to enjoy yourself.”

Giuseppe also had a useful kernel as he told the amateur bakers: “Taste all the other bakers’ bakes. Because you’re going to be learning a lot from their fellow bakers.”

While Crystelle shared Giuseppe’s sentiments: “That’s the only time in your life where you get to try so many different things from so many different people from so many different backgrounds.

“Try everything else that everyone else has made because it’s the only time you get to be exposed to all these incredible bakers.”

Giuseppe joked about the “Bake Off stone”, saying everyone left the tent a stone heavier because they were trying everyone else’s bakes. Adding: “I can vouch for that.”

Reflecting on facing the formidable Bake Off judging duo Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, who served up slices of critique, Crystelle said: “They both are very scary in their own ways.”

But surprisingly, Crystelle added: “When Prue is brutal, she is really brutal. Probably a bit more scary than Paul, I would say.”

But for Chigs, it was a different story: “It’s Paul’s stare. When he stares at you that freaks you out the most. He’s as good as gold though. He’s a nice lad.”

The Great British Bake Off continues on Channel 4 tonight at 8pm

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