APlace in the Suns Ben Hillman frustrated over tricky search

A Place in the Sun: Ben says search is on a 'slippery slope'

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On Wednesday’s instalment of the Channel 4 property show, viewers were taken to Roquetas de Mar to see Jacqueline and Lynne search for their forever home. With a list of requirements of what they wanted to have, host Ben Hillman showed them five different properties. Although the expert had a hard time ticking all of their boxes.

Before going off on their search, Ben met up with the couple to get a rough idea of what they were looking for.

Informing him that they had a budget of £130,000, willing to go up to £140,000 if necessary, they wanted to have a two-bedroom place with two bathrooms and a terrace or garden area.

They also wanted to have access to a pool, in a location that wasn’t too far from the beach and close to restaurants and bars.

This move had a significant meaning to Jacqueline as she told Ben they decided to move as her dad had died and it was always her parent’s dream to buy a place abroad.

However, they gave the property expert a fair warning before being shown locations where Lynne was rather picky with what she wanted.

Commenting on this, she said: “I just know what I know. When you walk into that house and you get that sort of feeling, I’d buy it on a whim whereas Jac’s is the more sensible one.

They then were taken to a series of properties around the Spanish coastline with the second duplex seeming to take to their liking more than the others.

Although Jacqueline was on the fence as she mentioned preferring the first location, aware of her partner’s uncertainty over the darkness of the kitchen, Lynne said: “There has to be a compromise somewhere.”

Walking into their third property, Ben could see the buyers weren’t keen as Lynne said it was too small for them.

The property expert commented: “I think your face is saying a lot more than just that, are you not feeling it?”

Admitting they weren’t impressed on first look, they went to explore the rest of the house. 

Turning to the camera, Ben said “I’ve got to say, I’m a little bit surprised by that, this is a really good property and it has got those elements that were lacking in the last place, but sometimes it’s all about the guy feeling and I just don’t think they’re getting it.”

Things didn’t improve for Ben in his search to get them their dream home as the next location he showed them was too built up for them.

At a loss, the host asked them what had gone wrong as they commented on the overall concrete look of the place.

Although they decided to have a look inside, Ben started to get at a loss as he commented: “Wow, that is not what I was hoping for at all, this search started off so well and it feels like we’re on a slippery slope at the moment.”

Confessing that the search had taken a nosedive, the property expert had one last place to show them, which in the end also failed to impress Jacqueline and Lynne.

Despite seeming unenthusiastic about the homes, the couple decided they wanted to put in an offer in the second place they saw.

Going for just over £128,000, Lynne offered them £120,000 while asking for all the furniture to be included.

Rejecting the offer, the homeowners wanted to up the price to £132,000 if they wanted the furniture to be added in the price.

After going back and forth, Lynne and Jacqueline settled for the full asking price with everything thrown in ready for them to move in straight away.

A Place in The Sun continues weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm.

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