Animal Kingdom Season 4 Premiere Video: Pope Is Beaten Down… But Out?

Before the Season 4 premiere of TNT’s brutal Animal Kingdom, Pope had taken one emotional beating after another. First, he’d been sent reeling by the revelation that there had been no reason for him to kill Catherine, the woman he loved. Then, he’d been dealt another blow by brother figure Baz’s murder — not to mention the fact that mom Smurf had ordered the hit! Finally, it looked like he’d gone down for the count when he was forced to give up surrogate daughter Lena to protect the little girl from Smurf.

Yet, bad as they were, none of those pummelings were quite as bloody or visceral as the one that Shawn Hatosy’s beleaguered character takes in this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s Season 4 kickoff (9/8c). In the clip, Pope gets battered to within an inch of his life in a cage fight. For her part, Smurf displays all the maternal concern… well, that you’d expect if you’re a fan of the drama. (If you’ve never watched the show, her reaction to the suggestion that Pope quit will tell you everything you need to know about Ellen Barkin’s tough-as-leather matriarch.)

To check out the action, press PLAY on the video above. Then hit the comments. Are you hoping that Pope will finally get the chance to repay his mother’s cruelty this season?

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