60 Days In: Where is Ashleigh from Netflix’s 60 Days In now?


Season two of 60 Days In is streaming on Netflix now. The series originally aired in 2016 but after finding a new home on Netflix, the docuseries has acquired a huge new fan base. The new series sees Ashleigh Baker go behind bars, following in the footsteps of her husband Zac Baker who appeared in season one. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about Ashleigh today.

Where is Ashleigh from 60 Days In now?

Ashleigh Baker spent 60 days in Clark County Jail to help eliminate prison gangs, drug abuse and corruption.

She was one of several volunteers who took part in the second instalment of the docuseries, putting her life on the line to help the criminal justice system in America.

Ashleigh was no stranger to the show as her husband Zac participated in the first series of the show.

Zac was one of the show’s most successful recruits, uncovering a drug-smuggling ring.

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However, Ashleigh decided to take part in the series to help the women struggling with addiction.

Ashleigh is a mother-of-two and recovering drink and drug addict herself. Before entering prison, she told the camera she wanted to help “at least one person” in jail.

Viewers also watched Zac and Ashleigh’s marriage suffer while she spent time in jail.

In one scene, Ashleigh could be heard telling Zac she hated him and confessed she had thought about leaving him.

Despite their arguments over the phone during Ashleigh’s time in prison, they are still together today.

They have two young sons together Gavin and Ryker.

Addressing the scenes of their arguments on Instagram, Ashleigh wrote: “Unfortunately, this season of the show was extremely edited toward dramatic effect.

“What looked like one phone call per episode was really MAYBE two phone calls chopped and edited so many times, it’s sad.

“The network jumped on the opportunity to twist and manipulate SO many things that just weren’t true, for ratings.

“And it seemed to work for some. BUT for those who see through the BS, it is YOU that matter the most.”

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She also said in another post, she and Zac have no plans to end their marriage.

Ashleigh wrote: “Despite our ‘oh so dramatic’ phone calls and name callings, I have zero hate for you and love you with every fibre of my being.

“I am glad we have been able to share our true love with others.

“Thank you for blessing me with two beautiful boys. I am so happy to raise them with you, and I hope that someday they both become exactly the man of love, courage and honour that you are.”

Today, Ashleigh is a Youtuber and fitness instructor. She also helps others who are struggling with addiction.

To date, she has over 2,000 YouTube subscribers and over 5,000 followers on her Facebook page.

60 Days In is streaming on Netflix now

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