'1883': Tim McGraw Confirms the Season Finished Filming, Calls it 'Bittersweet'

Yellowstone fans are loving Taylor Sheridan’s new Paramount+ hit, 1883. The show takes fans through the Great Plains as the Duttons attempt to settle on new land, and Tim McGraw plays one of the leads in the hit series. Recently, McGraw posted to Instagram about the last day of shooting. Here’s what he posted about the “bittersweet” end.

Who is James Dutton? Tim McGraw was cast as a lead in the ‘1883’ cast

Yellowstone and 1883 are connected, as the events in 1883 happened before Yellowstone. So, who is James Dutton in the prequel series? Tim McGraw plays James, the first Dutton patriarch and fearless leader across the Great Plains. He’s also John Dutton’s great-grandfather. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton in Yellowstone. Margaret Dutton, played by Faith Hill, is James’ wife.

McGraw and Hill are married in real life, and when they were given the opportunity to star alongside each other as a strong husband-and-wife in 1883, they jumped at the opportunity.

“I think the cool thing that people will see when they watch this is they’ll see bells go off with Margaret, who Faith plays, and Elsa, my daughter,” McGraw told Screen Rant. “When they see James, bells will start ringing, and they’ll go, ‘I can see that. I can see where this comes from.’ That was our intention all along. There are some really strong family traits that pass down through the Dutton generations.”

Tim McGraw’s Instagram just confirmed the season finished filming


1883 episode 5 released on Jan. 25, 2022, to Paramount+ — and there’s still plenty of stories to tell. Elsa Dutton is dealing with the loss of Ennis, the man she assumed she’d have as her husband in the future. And given the opening scene of the show, viewers know the traveling group runs into Native Americans.

It seems all future episodes of the season have officially been filmed. Tim McGraw posted a photo to Instagram showing two directors’ chairs side by side with his name on one and Faith Hill’s name on the other. A teepee sits behind the chairs, the photo was taken at night.

“One of the last nights on set … Bittersweet #1883,” McGraw captioned the photo.

Given McGraw’s photo, the last episode of the series might take the story back to the opening sequence with the Native Americans. Perhaps viewers will learn more about the natives and why conflict ensues with the settlers.

Will Tim McGraw return for a possible ‘1883’ Season 2?

Yellowstone has multiple seasons — so, could Taylor Sheridan craft an 1883 Season 2? There’s no doubt fans want it to happen.

“Will there be a [second] season?!?” one fan asked on Tim McGraw’s Instagram post.

“We are halfway through this season and they are still in Texas,” another fan commented. “Don’t see how they are going to make it to Montana in five more episodes at this pace.”

Ennis actor Eric Nelsen gave a clue as to what’s next. While speaking on the Dutton Rules podcast, he said he’s “very optimistic” the show will return for another season. Nelsen also said Sheridan’s idea for 1883 wasn’t to stop at just one season, either.

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