Wayne Rooney goes teetotal to save his marriage to Coleen following drink-fuelled scandals – The Sun

BOOZY Wayne Rooney has ditched the drink and is seeking treatment to help him quit for good.

The ex-England and Manchester United ace, 33, will have sessions with a counsellor after wife Coleen tore him off a strip.

His decision to go dry comes just days after The Sun revealed that Roo was cutting short his stint in the US and returning to the UK in a bid to save his 11-year marriage.

A source said: “Wayne was drinking a fair amount in the States and it was causing huge problems with Coleen.

“It was like he was on self-destruct — he was boozing at home late into the night.

“Now he’s moving back in October, he wants to sort it out for good. He wants a completely fresh start and knows losing his unhealthy relationship with the bottle would be the best thing for them all.”

Wayne, who has four kids with Coleen — Kai, nine, Klay, six, Kit, three, and 18-month-old Cass — previously had counselling in 2016 to help him deal with England crashing out of the Euros.

The source said: “Coleen urged him to get help for his drinking, too, but at the time he wasn’t listening.”

But with Col, 33, becoming increasingly unhappy, Wayne signed a shock 18-month contract with Derby County last week, to be a player-coach.

He had joined DC United last summer and quickly became their top goal-scorer — but at the same time his personal life was spiralling out of control.

In January he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly at Washington airport following a flight from the UAE.

Then in February, The Sun revealed he had enjoyed a boozy bender with an American barmaid while in Florida with his teammates.

Star's own goal antics

  • 2010: Roo is propped up by pals after smoking a cig and allegedly relieving himself outside a Manchester nightclub.
  • 2012: He is fined £200,000 by boss Alex Ferguson for poor performance after night out.
  • 2014: Wayne sinks beers in Las Vegas after England crash out of the World Cup in group stages. Also gets so drunk with Piers Morgan he falls into plant pot.
  • 2015: He is knocked out by pal Phil Bardsley during boozy party.
  • l2017: Is arrested after being caught three times over drink-drive limit while driving party girl Laura Simpson’s car.

Furious Coleen later took off her wedding ring and told Wayne to sort his life out for the sake of their sons.

She and the kids had been living with Wayne in America but moved back to the UK this summer.

When she discovered Roo was also returning, she was overjoyed, telling pals: “We’re coming home.”

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Rooney Mara And Joaquin Phoenix Might Be Engaged

Sibling rivalry, thy name is Mara. The day after her sister Kate Mara announced the birth of her daughter with Jamie Bell, Rooney Mara decided to don her best flannel and parade around Los Angeles wearing a big fat diamond ring. Last summer there were reports that Rooney and her man Joaquin Phoenix were never going to get married because marriage is “too mainstream” and doesn’t fit their holistic, vegan lifestyle. But now it seems as if Rooney’s looking at that greasy salami we call matrimony that her sister is munching on, and it’s making her hongray.

According to People:

The actress, 34, was photographed wearing a large diamond ring on her left hand while in Los Angeles on Friday while she was running errands in a black T-shirt, jeans and a sweatshirt tied around her waist.

So much for alternative values. That’s a Real Housewives Of Malibu Colony sized diamond ring. I did a little digging because I was very curious about these Mara girls. Like, how did these two siblings, who seem to be in direct competition for glum supremacy, light Hollywood aflame? In case you didn’t know, Kate and Rooney’s parents are titans of professional American football. Their mom’s family, The Rooneys (one got mom’s maiden name for a first name, maybe that’s how the rivalry got started) founded the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their dad’s family founded the NY Giants. By birthright these Mara girls are supposed be blond and chirpy. Instead they seem to have worked really hard to appear aloof and possibly European.

In a way it makes perfect sense that Rooney would gravitate towards Joaquin. He’s the antithesis of carefree wealth and fame. He’s angsty wealth and fame! What better way to mask her “Rah-Rah” roots then to get with a guy who probably sounds like he’s passing a kidney stone every time he tries to show enthusiasm. More like “Raahaaawrr-Raahaaawrr”.

But the appearance of that ring makes me wonder if she’s going to be able to keep her roots at bay. First it’s the diamond engagement ring. Next thing you know she’s getting highlights and sending the sheets out to be laundered right under Joaquin’s nose. Before you know it, she’ll be talking him into reading a rom-com script about a slubby football coach who falls for the owner’s perky daughter. Kate better watch herself or she’s going to become the one and only black sheep of the Rooney-Mara empire.

Pic: Wenn.com

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