Uber driver who groped female passenger while she threw up out of taxi is jailed

An Uber driver who groped a female passenger while she vomited out the door of his cab has been jailed.

Temur Shah, 45, sexually assaulted the 27-year-old woman after picking her up from London’s West End in the early hours of January 25, 2018.

Isleworth Crown Court heard the driver’s passenger said she felt unwell during the journey when Shah stopped the car and asked her to move into the front seat.

When she told him she was about to vomit, he stopped a second time and leaned over to open the door when he put his hand under her bra.

He then continued the assault, touching her genital area over her clothes, while she was sick into the gutter.

Afterwards the woman told Shah not to touch her, but was forced to stay inside the vehicle as she had no money or battery on her phone to call for help.

She reported the incident to police after she was dropped off near her home.

Kate Blumgart, prosecuting, said that since the incident the victim had difficulty getting into taxis and was fearful that Shah knew where she lived.

"She recently had a panic attack in a mini-cab with her husband. She found it difficult to tell her parents of the incident, as it made her feel 'more guilty than she already did'," said Ms Blumgart.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police's taxi and private hire policing team used a combination of CCTV and GPS data from Uber to identify Shah as the suspect, and he was arrested in February 2018.

He was charged and convicted of sexual assault in January 2019, following a trial that lasted one week.

Hugh D'Aguilar, defending, told the court that Shah was "fearful of going to prison" as he looked after his three children and his elderly mother during the day while his wife was at work.

Shah's mother sat in court alongside other members of his family, who wept as the sentence was read out.

Judge Nicholas Wood said that the offence was aggravated by the fact that it had taken place in the early hours of the morning in an area of London that the victim did not know.

"As she herself said 'what was she to do?' Her escape route was very limited," he said.

Judge Wood added that he was mindful of the effect that a custodial sentence would have on Shah's family, but that time in prison was unavoidable.

"You had a young woman in your trust, in your cab, late at night. She was utterly defenceless as she turned away from you facing the gutter," he said.

Shah, of Harrow, was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

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Two found guilty of murdering Girl Scout Jodie Chesney in park stabbing

Two drug dealers have been found guilty of killing innocent Girl Scout Jodie Chesney.

The popular student had been smoking cannabis and listening to music with friends in a park when she was stabbed in the back on the evening of March 1.

In a case of mistaken identity, Jodie, 17, became a victim of "casual violence" in the drug-dealing world, jurors heard.

Although the motive was unclear, the court was told how the defendants had been involved in numerous violent clashes as they fought to protect their turf.

  • Jodie Chesney murder accused labelled 'nonce' in prison and 'slashed in face'

  • Jodie Chesney killer 'banged out the wrong person in revenge stabbing’

Each had denied being involved in Jodie's death, with two blaming each other for the stabbing.

An Old Bailey jury deliberated for nearly six hours to find Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, 19, and a 17-year-old boy guilty of murder.

Their co-defendants Manual Petrovic, 20, and a 16-year-old boy were cleared of murder.

Jodie's family shouted "yes" as the first verdict was returned.

  • Jodie Chesney murder accused told friend 'he'd done something' day after knifing

  • Jodie Chesney stabbed with knife that 'almost passed through her entire body'

The death of Jodie Chesney sent shockwaves through the country and brought home the grim reality of youth knife crime in Britain.

As symbolic purple ribbons sprang up around the crime scene, the 17-year-old's family struggled to make sense of the tragedy.

Jodie's father Peter set up a charity, the Jodie Chesney Foundation, aimed at taking action to steer young people away from knife crime.

In a tribute on its website, Mr Chesney said his daughter was a "beautiful person" who was just "blossoming into a wonderful young woman" when her life was cut short.

  • Teen knifed outside college just one mile from Jodie Chesney murder scene

He said: "She was a beautiful, well-liked, fun young woman who judged no-one and loved everyone. As a little girl she was very shy, but her confidence grew from strength to strength as she got older."

She was studying psychology, sociology and photography at Havering Sixth Form College and her friends, family and dog Woody "meant the world" to her.

He said: "She wore her heart on her sleeve and her infectious laugh would light up any room."

Jodie, a keen classical pianist and photographer, had achieved the Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver awards and was just a few weeks away from completing her gold.

  • Jodie Chesney murder: Teen girl, 17, was victim of ‘unprovoked attack’, grandma says

She was also an active Scout member and "touched the lives of many other young people" through her volunteer work.

Chief Scout Bear Grylls, who lent his support to the Foundation, said Jodie was "one of our brightest and best".

He wrote: "She put everything into life and her dedication to her friends, her family, to Scouts and her community was incredible.

"When she represented us at the Royal Albert Hall at the Annual Festival of Remembrance, we could not have hoped for a better ambassador for the movement. Now's it's our turn to remember her."

  • PICTURED: Girl, 17, fatally knifed in ‘random’ park attack as family ‘need time to grieve'

Hornchurch and Upminster MP Julia Lopez also supported the charity, saying the community had been left in a "state of shock" at the "despicable violence".

During the trial, prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said: "Jodie was a fine young woman, a girl of achievement and ambition, without apparently an enemy in the world, a victim of a brutal attack of unprovoked violence."

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Whellams, who investigated her murder, described Jodie as a typical "girl next door".

He said the teenager's family were "absolutely devastated" and found hearing details about her death "extremely traumatic".

He said: "They lived the investigation with us. They want answers to questions I can't give them. Why did this happen? I cannot give them a satisfactory answer because I don't know myself.

"The devastation will continue, it's something, as a parent, you don't recover from."

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Classic car driver, 80, dies after hitting lorry on London to Brighton rally

An 80-year-old classic car lover has died after his 1903 motor hit a lorry as he competed in the London to Brighton rally.

The man was driving a Knox Runabout Old Porcupine, one of the original horseless carriages.

He was taking part in the London to Brighton Veteran Car rally, and is thought to have gone off the route and crashed on the M23.

The unnamed man died at around 10am when he was thrown towards the windscreen of a lorry that was involved in roadworks on the motorway.

His next of kin has been informed.

An elderly female passenger, believed to be his wife, has been flown to hospital suffering from serious head injuries.

A London to Brighton Veteran Car Run spokeswoman told the Daily Mail: “We can confirm that the car involved in this morning's tragic incident on the M23 had been entered in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

“The car had left the route, which does not include the M23 where the collision took place.

“We are doing all we can to support the family concerned and are working with the police, but we cannot comment any further at this stage.”

A spokesman for Surrey Police added: “We can confirm that a man has sadly died following a collision on the southbound carriageway of the M23 near J7 Hooley.

“The collision, involving a car (1903 Knox Runabout Old Porcupine) and an HGV, took place around 10:00am.”

Two years ago a, 68-year-old man died on the same Veteran Car Run that was first staged in 1927.

The 1903 Knox Runabout Old Porcupine was initially released with a top speed of 35mph with a 8hp two-cylinder engine.

Designed by Harry A Knox, a pioneer of horseless carriages, the car would originally sell for $2,000 (£1,500).

In 2012 one of the surviving models was sold through Bonham’s for $69,000 (£53,000).

The London to Brighton rally is one of the most popular on the vintage car circuit and event organisers state that competitor’s car must be in “excellent condition” to take part in the 60-mile journey.

  • London

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Monster mum who murdered teen sons was ‘evil psychopath from birth’ says brother

An evil mum who killed her two sons was “evil from birth” and should have been stopped by social services, her bother has claimed.

Sarah Barrass, 35, recently pleaded guilty to murdering her sons Tristan and Blake and conspiring to murder four more of her own children.

She sobbed as she gave the plea at Sheffield Crown Court where she was told she could be jailed for the rest of her life.

Her co-killer Brandon Machin, 37, also pleased guilty to the sickening crimes.

Now Ms Barrass’ brother Martyn, 34, has spoken out and described his sister as an “evil psychopath” who was drawn into an attraction with the grotesque and gruesome.

He claims the pair watched endless horror movies, killed pet mice and eventually focused their brutality on Barrass’ own sons Tristan, 13, and Blake, 14.

  • 'I'm coming for you' Evil mum boasted about murder before killing 2 teen sons

Martyn, who lives in Wirral, Merseyside, also thinks the deaths could have been prevented if social services had acted on his previous warnings.

He told the Sunday Mirror: "Those two have been evil since birth. They are both as bad as each other, they are both murdering, evil psychopaths.

“I witnessed Brandon’s violence towards Blake years ago and I knew something wasn’t right.

“I visited them when Tristan was still in his pushchair and Blake was only a toddler – he must have been three or four.

"We were out walking when Brandon grabbed Blake’s arm really roughly and dragged him across the floor.

  • Sheffield mum admits killing two sons and faces rest of life in jail

"It was enough to know something wasn’t right, so I called social services and asked them to look into it. If they had, the boys might still be here today.”

Martyn claims he made three calls to social services in around 2009 or 2010 but says he felt as if he was “ignored”.

He claims witnessing, on one disturbing occasion, Ms Barrass and Mr Machin killing pet mice for their own entertainment.

He said he went to see what was going on when he heard his sister screaming, only to find the pair chasing the mice and stamping on them to kill them and laughing as they did it.

He also claimed that, on another occasion, his sister pushed a girl out of a tree who injured her arm when she hit the ground.

  • Sheffield tragic boys allegedly murdered by mum 'died 12 minutes apart'

Martyn said his sister was quiet and shy and protective of her seven siblings until she fell under the spell of Mr Machin and the two became as “thick as thieves”.

He admitted he was terrified of Mr Machin, who once turned him upside down and rammed him head first into the floor.

It is claimed Ms Barrass tried to poison four of her six children the day before Tristan and Blake died.

An attempt to drown another child was also said to have failed.

On the day of the two boys’ death the other four children, who are all under 13 cannot be named for legal reasons, were taken to hospital and released later that day.

  • Sheffield teen ‘murdered by mum and uncle’ starred on BBC – raising money for dying pal

Martyn said that when he heard Ms Barrass and Mr Machin had been arrested and charged he felt “disgusted”.

He added: “When I saw news of the murders on Facebook, it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my stomach. I instantly felt sick.

“Blake and Tristan were polite, kind-hearted lads. It’s a tragic waste of life.”

Ms Barrass and Mr Machin admitted two counts of murder, five of attempted murder and one of conspiracy to murder when they appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on September 27.

  • Tragic Sheffield boys pictured as sobbing mum appears in court accused of murders

No details were given in court about what happened to the children inside the house in the Shiregreen area of Sheffield on May 24 and May 25 this year.

They are due to be sentenced on November 12.

A case review into the deaths of the two boys is also set to take place.

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Ex school teacher was ‘raging alcoholic’ who poured Jack Daniels on her cereal

A former primary school teacher and self-confessed “ranging alcoholic” has revealed she would pour Jack Daniels over her cereal for breakfast.

Melissa Rice also admitted she would fill water bottles with pure vodka and hide them around the home she shared with her mum.

She now spends her time as the new co-host of new BBC 5 Live podcast “Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts”, where she debunks myths around addiction.

She is opening up on her battle alongside Jade Wye, a mental health nurse who she met in rehab, where Jade was recovering from drug addiction.

Speaking on their new podcast, Melissa revealed just how bad her booze addiction was, saying: "I had Jack Daniels on my cereal. It was bad.”

  • Richard Bacon would 'go missing' after booze binges as he confesses to addiction

She added: "I used to say 'festival Melissa' is my favourite Melissa, because in a festival it was just like common place…

"No-one should really judge you about what you're taking, what you're drinking, because 'excuse me, I'm in a festival'."

Melissa told how she used her “party girl” persona to hide her secret drinking, after having her first sip of alcohol when she was a teenager.

She explained how she increasingly used booze as a way to cope with anxiety while at university – not realising it was making her problems worse.

She said: "My drinking was getting worse because the way I was feeling internally and emotionally was getting worse.

  • Woman, 32, killed herself after gambling £36k in 2 weeks leaving mum homeless

"My life was getting more and more chaotic. I was losing friends, respect, self-respect, because I was consistently lying.

"I was letting people down and it didn't matter what anybody could pull me up on, it was nowhere near as bad as the way I used to talk to myself about it…

"I just couldn't cope. I could not cope with how my life looked."

Melissa felt "powerless over her addiction" and ended up filling water bottles with vodka.

She said: "I had signals in the park where I'd hidden vodka in empty bottles.

  • X Factor hopeful found drunk in car with baby surrounded by booze bottles

"Because when I was allowed out for a brief walk, I wasn't allowed to take a phone, bank cards.

"I knew the consequences but there was no choice. I had to have a drink.

"I buried a bottle in the back garden. In my head it was like 'I've fooled everybody'. It looked like we'd buried a dog."

When Melissa finally reached "rock bottom" in August 2017, she said she told her mum she was ready to quit drinking.

But she had to be weaned off the booze, as coming off it altogether could have killed her.

  • Man, 64, with learning difficulties knifed multiple times by drug addict

"That night, every couple of hours, I was allowed a shot of vodka," she said.

"The final drink was at 7am. The most heart-wrenching thing about it was that my mum had to pour it.

"How selfless that is for my own mum to have to give her own daughter a drink, not because she wanted to, but because if she didn't, she could die? That was rock bottom."

Melissa said she hasn't touched a drop of alcohol since.

  • 'I'm alcoholic at 21 and lost my mind to the bottle but I'll turn life around'

Jade, who first took class A drugs aged 13, also told her story and said she used her job as a mental health nurse to convince herself she didn't have a problem.

Her life spiralled to the point where Jade tried to take her own life.

She said: "I ended up in a coma and when I came out of that coma my first thought was of drugs.

"That just shows where my addiction had taken me. I ended up using drugs in the hospital and I didn't question it."

Jade relapsed after leaving rehab but hasn't used drugs since January 2018.

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Amelia Bambridge’s sister say family want to ‘lay beautiful soul to rest’ in UK

Tragic Brit backpacker Amelia Bambridge’s sister says her family want to bring her body back home so they can “lay her beautiful soul to rest”.

And in a heartbreaking message her brother Harry Bambridge wrote on Instagram “the round is on me when we meet again in heaven”.

Amelia, 21, from Worthing, West Sussex, was last seen on the Cambodian island of Koh Rong late on October 23.

On Thursday her family confirmed that her body had been found at sea following days of searching.

  • Amelia Bambridge's body found in sea 30 miles from where she went missing

  • Amelia Bambridge feared ‘kidnapped by traffickers’ after vanishing in Cambodia

Amelia's sister Sharon Schultes wrote on the family's fundraising page that she “was no longer with us”.

She said: "I have had the most horrific confirmation that my sister Amelia Bambridge was found and she is no longer with us.

"It breaks my heart to let all my close family and friends know the horrendous outcome that we didn't want.

"Now we have to get our Amelia back home to England so we can lay her beautiful soul to rest and to remember the wonderful life she lived.

"Thank you for all the support we've had, please continue to do all you can so we can get all our family home with Amelia safely."

  • Amelia Bambridge pal says they are NOT looking for Brit backpacker's body

  • Amelia Bambridge missing: Distraught family embrace as they continue search

Her brother Harry said that he had the terrible task of identifying Amelia.

He wrote: “I’ve just seen her and I can confirm it’s my little sister Amelia.

“I’m so sorry to all her friends and family there’s nothing more I wanted than to bring her back alive and I really f***ing tried.

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“And I’m sorry to you Amelia Bambridge the round is on me when we meet again in heaven.”

Amelia was reported missing after she failed to check out of her hotel on time, and staff at Police Beach, a private venue on the island, found her purple rucksack with her purse, phone and bank cards inside the following morning.

The family's fundraising page on Facebook has raised nearly £17,000 to date.

  • Amelia Bambridge: Police 'looking for body' of Brit in Cambodia as six arrested

Cambodia's Deputy Navy Commander Tea Sokha said that the body had been spotted by a fisherman, who notified authorities.

He said it was identified by the clothing and tattoos, which matched photos of the woman taken on the night she disappeared.

The body was taken to Sihanoukville Referral Hospital in Cambodia's main coastal city, Sihanoukville.

Mr Sokha said forensic experts would confirm the identification and examine the body for the cause of death.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: "Our thoughts are with Amelia's family at this extremely sad time, and we continue to do all we can to support them.

"Our staff in Cambodia and in the UK are providing bereavement advice and emotional support, and remain in close contact with the Cambodian authorities."

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Street drinkers admit sex on Sainsbury’s bench ‘as they got a bit horny’

Street drinkers who had sex on a bench outside of Sainsbury’s have insisted they are “nice people” – but they do get “a bit horny” when they neck booze.

The group in Hull have felt the need to defend themselves after being branded “drunks” and “beggars” who shout, swear and have sex in public.

Security guards have branded the city’s Newland Avenue a “war zone” due to fights, robberies and misbehaviour in the area.

One of the drinkers – Emma – admitted having sex on the bench outside the supermarket, but doesn’t think its an issue.

“Yeah we have had sex on the bench before, and I've n*shed him off as well but what's the issue? It was dark and we were in the mood and it didn't do anyone any harm," she told Hull Live.

“We're nice people and all people need to do is just come up to us and say hello if they've got a problem. We don't bite.”

  • Tourist sparks outrage in Bali by wearing 'shameful' racy G-string thong

  • Plane passengers caught romping on plane after meeting in airport lounge

Emma went on: “Yeah we might ask people if they've got a cig or if they can give us or a spare bit of change, but they can say no and we don't get nasty or anything.

"All we're here for is to have a good time and there's no crime in street drinking.

“The police have even said we aren't doing anything wrong and as long as we aren't too loud, there's no problem in being here."

Her boyfriend, who didn’t want to be named, added: “This is my bench. I come here with my girlfriend and if we get a bit frisky when we've had a drink then so what?

“I’m sure everyone who's had a drink knows what it's like when you get a bit horny.”

  • Robber tackled by hero mob after trying to flee smash-and-grab jewellers raid

  • Porn star Jessa Rhodes explains how she works through her 'time of the month'

He added: “"I might ask someone if they've got 20p, but I don't care if they say no and I just thank them anyway.

"For us it's just somewhere to hang about and have a laugh and a drink."

Bobby, a heroin user, added he just comes to the bench to socialise – and claims he just has a few beers rather than getting “p*ssed off my face”.

He said: “We might be a bit loud and I have asked people for money before, but I’d rather people just speak to us if they have a problem rather than looking down on us.”

  • Woman asks 100 men on Tinder for sex – and a staggering number say yes

  • Pornhub's Bridget the Midget faces 15 years behind bars 'for stabbing boyfriend'

Another street drinker added: “we all get looks from people like we are beneath them and you can hear them calling. They look at us like we are p*** heads when we're not.

”Yeah someone was s****** someone off and I told them it’s disgusting.

“I don't agree with that when there's kids that go past us, and I don't think we should all be tarred with the same brush."

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Inspector Mark Peasgood urged locals to report incidents of anti social aggressive begging and street drinking to the police.

He said: “This is a priority within the community safety partnership which brings a range of agencies together to tackle the issues in the community.

“All of this work helps us to get to know our communities even better than before, building up a strong picture of what’s needed, and building trust in the police.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to tell us about any concerns they have, the local team hold frequent street surgeries and these are a perfect opportunity for people to come and talk to us, if people are experiencing problems in their area please just come and talk to us, we can and will help.”

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Amelia Bambridge pal says they are NOT looking for Brit backpacker’s body

Amelia Bambridge’s pal has revealed he does not believe the missing Brit backpacker is dead.

Fears are growing for 21-year-old Amelia from Worthing who disappeared last Wednesday after being seen on Police Beach, a nightspot popular with tourists on the island of Koh Rong in the south of the country.

And while 200 army, navy and police personnel scoured the island on Tuesday, one police official revealed his diminishing hopes, saying: “We are looking for a body now.”

But pal Ryan Harris who raised the alarm when Amelia vanished said he doesn’t think the young traveller is dead.

  • Amelia Bambridge missing: Distraught family embrace as they continue search

Mr Harris, who has traveled to Cambodia to help with the search, revealed on social media: “At no point has it been said that they are ‘looking for a body’. It’s fake news.”

It comes just days after six men were arrested in connection with Amelia’s disappearance.

One police chief revealed: "We are looking for a body now."

Provincial deputy police chief Nop Panha said: "They are being questioned. We are not drawing any conclusions yet."

Amelia, 21, was last seen at a beach party on the Cambodian island of Koh Rong on Thursday morning.

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Her family members have flown out to the country to assist the search.

Her heartbroken dad, Phil Bambridge, said he believed she had been kidnapped.

Phil said: "I don't think she's had an accident. If she'd just had an accident, she'd have been found by now."

He also reviewed CCTV footage of his daughter leaving her hotel at 2am to go to the beach party, to clarify conflicting timings provided by the authorities.

He told Sky News: "We were getting conflicting times of when she got there.

  • Amelia Bambridge: Police 'looking for body' of Brit in Cambodia as six arrested

"I don't think she's in the sea, I think she's inland somewhere.

"I think someone's taken her."

He added: "I'm not doing very well. I just hope we can find her, but it seems like it's going to be difficult."

Amelia left for travelling on September 27 and flew to Vietnam.

Yesterday, around 150 people were split into two groups searching the ocean and jungle.

Her sister, Georgie Bambridge, said: "She went to the Police Beach party on Wednesday night – the last time I spoke to her was Wednesday daytime.

"She said it was doing so much for her confidence and she found so many people who were friendly. She said 'Everyone is so cool here' and couldn't be happier."

  • Amelia Bambridge’s dad fears missing backpacker has been kidnapped in Cambodia

"She went to the Police Beach party on Wednesday night – the last time I spoke to her was Wednesday daytime.

"She said it was doing so much for her confidence and she found so many people who were friendly.

"She said 'Everyone is so cool here' and couldn't be happier."

"I just don't know what's happened."

Friends reported Amelia's "out-of-character" disappearance after her belongings were found on a beach.

Ryan Harris said "alarm bells started" when she could not be found after the party.

"She always sticks with the group. She never wanders off on her own," he said.

Mr Harris said Koh Rong was "quite a small island" which someone could walk around in two or three hours.

"You might lose your friend after a night out but you'll see them in 20 minutes or you might see them the next morning," he said.

Mr Harris, who said he was on a neighbouring island with another group at the time of the party, said volunteers had come together to search for his friend.

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Great White Shark weighing 150 stone spotted off coast of America near Florida

The second biggest Great White Shark ever tagged has been spotted off the east coast of America.

Experts tagging the beast weighed the predator at a whopping 2,076lbs and is around 16ft long.

The female shark has already been named Unama’ki – a term used by indigenous people which means land of the fog.

After being released in South Carolina last week, the near 150st beast has moved south to Florida Keys.

  • Deadliest beach for shark attacks exposed – where three attacked in one day

It has also been revealed the monster was tagged by experts near Virginia Beach and off Atlantic City in New Jersey.

The Florida Wildlife and Fish Commission has told potential visitors to stay aware and to take no risks.

The FWC say the ocean “more than likely contains sharks” at this time of the year.

Worried locals have also expressed their concerns but have been reminded shark attacks are rare.

  • Sharks circle YouTuber as he desperately tries to save his dog in terrifying clip

The FWC said: “Shark activity is at its peak in Florida waters during April through October.

“However, shark attacks are still rare, with humans being 30 times more likely to be struck by lightning in Florida than to be bitten by a shark.

“Visitors are urged to be aware of their surrounding and understand the risks they take swimming in the waters.”

Non-profit marine life organisation OCEARCH are excited by the news.

“As a big mature female, Unama’ki has the potential to lead us to the site where she gives both and exposes a new white shark nursery,” the organisation said.

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Brit businessman worth £700m ‘waved dildo at PA and spread condoms at party’

A British businessman worth £700 million allegedly waved a dildo at his PA and put out bowls of condoms at Christmas parties – as staff come forward with a range of allegations.

Lawrence Jones, 51, who attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding at Windsor Castle last year, runs cloud computing firm UKFast in Manchester.

It offers Bupa health insurance, trips to his holiday homes in Switzerland and Wales, and a range of other perks.

However, the married-dad-of-four has now been hit with two accusations of sexual assault and a raft of unwanted advances, the Financial Times reports.

One woman, who was 20 when she started working for the company as Jones’ PA, said he took her to a sex shop and thrust a dildo in her face.

She asked: “In what world do you take a young girl to a sex shop three days after hiring her?”

Another female worker said she was molested by Jones at his homes in Wales and Switzerland.

She said: “(He) would wake me up with his hands under the duvet.

“It was frightening. He would have his hands under my knickers.”

The second alleged sexual assault victim did not want the details of her story to be published.

At a Christmas party in 2016, bowls filled with condoms were supposedly spread around the venue.

One worker claimed it was like working in a “brothel” in a WhatsApp chat, according to the FT.

Jones referred to himself as “Loz” or “LJ” at work, walked around the office-bare chested, and sat in meetings with female staff on his lap, it is claimed.

Another woman said the entrepreneur called her into his office as he was having his hair cut.

Jones allegedly put his fingers on his nipples and asked her: “Am I making you wet?”

The tech giant has declared that all the accusations are untrue.

He told the newspaper: “They are also hurtful and damaging, especially to my wife, our family, and the UKFast team.

“We have dedicated 20 years of our lives to UKFast and we are hugely proud of how amazing the business that we have built together is.”

Jones added about his company: “We take great pride in the fact that our team have over the past 10 years been responsible for UKFast featuring regularly in the Sunday Times’ ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list and similarly in the ‘Great Place to Work’ list.”

Back in 2015, Jones was awarded an MBE from the Queen for services to the digital economy.

UKFast also says it has worked with more than 50 schools and colleges to support 60,000 young people across Greater Manchester.

Daily Star Online has approached the company for further comment.

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