Man who ‘killed and castrated’ Brazilian footballer ordered to support his child

A businessman who allegedly beat, castrated and murdered a Brazilian footballer has been ordered to pay support to the victim’s child.

Daniel Correa Freitas’s mutilated body was found in Parana, southern Brazil, last October.

He had been partially beheaded and his genitals had been cut off with a sharp knife.

The 24-year-old was killed after posting a prank picture of himself in bed next to the wife of Edison Brittes at a party.

Brittes will have to pay monthly instalments of 5,000 Brazilian reals (£932) to Freitas’ two-year-old daughter after reportedly confessing to the murder.

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The victim’s lawyer said: "She has the right to receive food, to have a dignified life.

“Because whether she wanted it or not, she doesn't have a father anymore.

“Therefore, it's a basic necessity for her. He (Freitas) completely supported her, and with his death, that has been affected."

Brittes is currently imprisoned awaiting trial, while wife Christina was freed from custody earlier this month.

Freitas went to the pair’s house to celebrate the birthday of their daughter Allana.

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He texted a pal beforehand saying he “was going to eat” the “birthday girl’s mum”, local media report.

Brittes claims the footballer tried to rape his wife before he attacked him.

He reportedly said in a statement: “Any man would do what I did.

“That woman in there was not my wife. She represented all the women in Brazil.

“When I threw him off my wife, I threw him on the floor and stopped her being raped by that monstrous scumbag.”

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Hong Kong protesters vow to hit the streets in major 'illegal' march

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners on Friday vowed to stage a major march at the weekend despite police ruling the rally illegal, setting the scene for possibly more unrest in a city battered by months of violent protests.

Hong Kong has been relatively calm for the past week, with only small, often colorful demonstrations, and Sunday’s march will test the strength of the pro-democracy campaign, which has in the past rallied millions onto the streets.

In rejecting the protesters’ request for a march permit, police said past events had been “hijacked by a group of radical protesters” who set fire to buildings, hurled petrol bombs at police, detonated a home-made bomb, and wrecked infrastructure.

“While we always respect citizens’ rights to assembly and freedom of speech, we are alarmed by this epidemic that radical protesters resort to violence in expressing their opinion,” Acting Chief Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch, Kong Wing-cheung, said in announcing the rejection.

Thousands have defied police in the past and staged mass rallies, often peaceful at the start but becoming violent at night.

“We will not back down even after the attack on the Civil Human Rights Front convener Jimmy Sham. Our most powerful force is the unity and resistance of this civil society,” said the rights group, calling on the public to rally on Sunday.

Prominent rights activist Jimmy Sham was brutally beaten by four men wielding hammers and knives on Wednesday, a move pro-democracy lawmakers said was meant to intimidate protesters and incite violence ahead of Sunday’s planned march.

Protesters on Friday night formed a human chain wearing Jimmy Sham face masks, with a banner reading: “We are all Jimmy Sham. Je Suis Jimmy Sham”.

The human chain was planned to stretch a 40 km (25 miles) along the city’s metro, with many people wearing humorous and eccentric masks in defiance on a ban on covering faces at public rallies. Wearing a face mask at a public rally carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

“I am not worried about being prosecuted because I violate the anti-mask law. I think people won’t be afraid to come out on Sunday,” said Kiki, 29, wearing a pig face mask.

Hong Kong has been hit by four months of protests, driven by concerns Beijing is eroding freedoms granted when Britain handed the city back to China in 1997.

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China denies the accusation, blaming foreign nations such as the United States and Britain for inciting the unrest.

The crisis in the Chinese-ruled city is the worst since the handover and poses the biggest popular challenge to China’s President Xi Jinping since he took power. Xi has warned he would crush any attempt to split China.


Riot police and protesters have fought street battles, with police firing tear gas, rubber bullets and occasionally live rounds against brick and petrol-bomb throwing activists.

Two people have been shot and wounded by police and thousands injured. Police have arrested more than 2,300 people since June.

Many Hong Kong residents are angry with what they believe is excessive force by police and the introduction of colonial-era laws, which ban face masks, by embattled leader Carrie Lam.

Lam has rejected the protesters’ 5 core demands: universal suffrage, an independent inquiry into police behavior, amnesty for those charged, stop describing protesters as rioters, and the formal withdrawal of a China extradition bill.

The bill, which would have allowed Hong Kong residents to be sent to Communist Party-controlled courts for trial, was seen as the latest move to erode those freedoms and sparked the unrest. Lam says the bill is now dead, but it has not been formally withdrawn.

The Asian financial hub is facing its first recession as a result of the unrest, which has damaged tourism and retail.

Protesters dressed in black ninja-like outfits have torched metro stations, and Chinese banks and shops they believe are linked to mainland China. Many businesses have been forced to close.

China has banned the bulk shipment to the city of black clothing and other items popularly used by Hong Kong protesters, staff at Chinese courier firms said.

Secretary for Transport and Housing, Frank Chan, said on Friday it would be weeks before the metro operated fully.

Pro-democracy candidates will stand in almost all 452 seats in Hong Kong’s upcoming local elections, encouraged by the protests, with the outcome of the November poll a barometer of support for the city’s embattled government.

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Woman ‘murders flatmate and cuts up body with saw after he killed her cat’

A woman bludgeoned her flatmate to death with a hammer and cut up his body with a saw after he killed her cat, police in Russia believe.

The suspect, Anastasia Kh has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The 41-year-old allegedly put the victim's remains in five black carrier bags, and made several bus journeys to a remote spot three miles away, where she could burn them.

The killing happened in the in the Kirov district of St Petersburg where she burned them in sand, say law enforcement.

They were found by a man walking his dog who called police.

Found in the bags were leg bones, ribs, one shoulder, parts of the victim’s pelvis and human skin, reported Komsomolskaya Pravda citing law enforcement sources.

“She hit him with a hammer on the head,” alleged a Russian Investigative Committee statement.

“She also kicked him multiple times.

“Having killed him, the woman suspect dismembered the body.”

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Gun battles sweep Culiacan after troops locate Chapo’s son

An intense gunfight with heavy weapons and burning vehicles blocking roads paralyzed the capital of Mexico’s Sinaloa state Thursday after security forces located one of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s sons who is wanted in the U.S. on drug trafficking charges.

Interested in “El Chapo” Guzman?

Mexican security secretary Alfonso Durazo said 30 members of the National Guard and army were patrolling in Culiacan when they were fired on from a house. They repelled the attack and inside the house found Ovidio Guzmán López.

The house was then surrounded by heavily armed gunmen who had “a greater force” and authorities decided to suspend the operation, Durazo said. He did not say if Ovidio Guzmán was arrested or went free.

“With the goal of safeguarding the well-being and tranquility of Culiacan society, officials in the security cabinet decided to suspend the actions,” said Durazo.

José Luis González Meza, a lawyer for “El Chapo’s” family, told The Associated Press that Guzmán’s family has said “Ovidio is alive and free” but that he had no more details about what had happened.

Ovidio was not one of the jailed Mexican drug lord’s best-known sons – Iván Archivaldo Guzmán and Jesús Alfredo Guzmán are known as “los Chapitos,” or “the little Chapos,” and are believed to currently run their father’s Sinaloa Cartel together with Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada.

But Ovidio Guzmán was indicted in 2018 by a grand jury in Washington, along with a fourth brother, for the alleged trafficking of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Following Thursday’s localization of Ovidio Guzmán, Culiacan exploded in violence with armed civilians in trucks roaring through the city’s center shooting what appeared to be .50-caliber sniper rifles and machine guns.

Videos published on social media showed a scene resembling a war zone, with gunmen, some wearing black ski masks over their faces, riding in the back of trucks firing mounted machine guns as vehicles burned. People could be seen running for cover as machinegun fire rattled around them. Drivers drove in reverse frantically to get away from the clashes.

“Nothing is working,” said Ricardo González, a worker in the state’s congress who shut himself up in his house after picking up his 15-year-old son from school. “There is a psychosis. No one knows what is going on but everyone is afraid and they have told us to not come in to work tomorrow.”

Sinaloa public safety director Cristóbal Castañeda told Milenio television that there were people wounded but did not provide a casualty figure. He did not rule out that there were deaths.

Castañeda said gunmen blocked streets with burning vehicles, a common tactic to make it difficult for security forces to maneuver. Simultaneously, some 20 to 30 prisoners escaped though some were quickly recaptured, he said.

State officials asked residents to avoid going out in parts of city.

Sinaloa’s soccer club Dorados announced that it had cancelled its game Thursday due to security concerns.

Gov. Quirino Ordaz confirmed that school classes had been suspended but that businesses would open on Friday.

González, however, doubted this.

“There is no public transportation, no taxis, people outside the city remain blocked outside and tomorrow will be the same,” he said, adding that Culiacan had not seen such a scene for almost a decade, when the Sinaloa Cartel was experiencing an internal war.

Sinaloa is home to the cartel by the same name, which was led by “El Chapo” Guzmán. Guzmán was sentenced to life in prison in the United States in July. He has many children.

After Guzmán’s third arrest in 2016, an internal battle for succession began playing out. The battle was resolved with the arrest of Damaso López Nunez and his son Dámaso López Serrano, who led a rival faction.


Associated Press writer Maria Verza reported from Mexico City.

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U.S. jury begins deliberating in drug trial of Honduran president's brother

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jurors on Thursday began deliberating in the U.S. drug trafficking case of Honduran politician Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez, brother of the Central American country’s current president, following a two-week trial in federal court in Manhattan.

Prosecutors have accused Hernandez of helping smuggle almost 200,000 kilograms (220 tons) of cocaine into the United States while enjoying the protection of his brother, President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Emil Bove told jurors in his closing argument on Wednesday that Tony Hernandez and his associates were able to operate with impunity by corrupting the highest levels of government.

“They turned the government against its people,” he said. “And they used the government for state-sponsored drug trafficking.”

Hernandez’s lawyers told jurors their client is innocent of all the charges, and the president has denied the allegation.

In the course of the trial, jurors heard testimony from several drug traffickers who are now in U.S. custody and cooperating with authorities, including Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga, former leader of Honduras’ Cachiros gang, and Amilcar Alexander Ardon, former mayor of the town of El Paraiso.

The witnesses described alleged bribes from drug traffickers to President Hernandez and other officials. Tony Hernandez even promised Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman protection for his shipments in exchange for funding his brother’s presidential campaign, according to Ardon.

Rivera Maradiaga, who admitted to murdering 78 people, testified that he paid bribes to multiple officials including President Hernandez.

Michael Tein, a lawyer for Tony Hernandez, urged jurors not to believe the prosecution’s witnesses, calling them “the worst people who you could ever imagine being asked to rely on” and saying they lied in the hope of getting lighter prison sentences.

“Their entire human existence has been lying, cheating, stealing, drug dealing and killing,” he said. “And then they look at you and they lie to you.”

President Hernandez, who began his second term in January 2018 amid allegations of electoral fraud, has not been charged with a crime.

He has represented himself as tough on trafficking, claiming responsibility for breaking up the nation’s six most powerful cartels and extraditing 24 traffickers to the United States. He said some of those traffickers are using his brother’s trial to seek revenge.

Hernandez’s administration also faces pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to curb migration to the United States. The two countries struck a deal last month under which Honduras would take in more asylum seekers.

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Mum hit 142mph in police chase with girl, 3, crying in backseat of Mercedes

She eventually pulled over, and cops were horrified to find her daughter sitting and crying in an unrestrained car seat.

The single mum didn’t react as Magistrate Susan McGowan passed sentence on her for the crime at New South Wales District Court.

And the night before the case, she had been on social media boasting about her £8k new outfit for the trial, reports .

Tomovska also previously raised £55k on GoFundMe as she "couldn't find a job" amid the case.

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Around 20 killed in latest wave of Burkina Faso violence

DAKAR (Reuters) – Twenty people were killed in an attack by suspected jihadists on a gold-mining site in northern Burkina Faso on Friday, two sources said.

Gunmen came to the Dolmande site in Soum province and fired on people working there, killing 20, a security source said on condition of anonymity on Sunday.

A local source said around 20 people had been killed in the attack, but gave no further details.

There was no immediate comment from the Burkinabe authorities.

Once a pocket of relative calm in the Sahel, Burkina has suffered a homegrown insurgency for the past three years, which has been amplified by a spillover of jihadist violence and criminality from its chaotic neighbor Mali.

Friday’s bloodshed extends a run of recent violence, that includes the death of at least 29 people in attacks on a food convoy and a transport truck in early September.

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Police seek attacker after brutal assault on club doorman captured on video

Horrifying video has been released by police that shows a vicious attack on a club doorman.

Detectives hope the footage will jog the memories of witnesses to a savage assault in Liverpool.

The clip, shot by a late-night reveller in Concert Square, shows a man kicking and punching the doorman and then, as he crumples to the ground, dragging him across the cobblestones kicking him.

The doorman is apparently able to get up after the brutal assault and a quick-thinking passer-by places him into the recovery position before calling the emergency services.

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Liverpool police have now launched an appeal for information to find the person responsible. A statement read: ”It was reported the 48-year-old old man was punched and pulled to the floor before being kicked close to McCooley’s bar on Fleet Street at about 1.55am on Saturday 21 September 2019."

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Detective Inspector Jennie Beck added: "This was a vicious assault on the doorman who was simply trying to do his job. "Nobody should be subjected to this level of violence when they are just trying to earn a living.

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"We believe the offender was ejected from McCooley’s club shortly before the incident, and appeal to anyone who may have witnessed any part of the incident or know who was responsible to contact police.

"If you recognise the man pictured, please get in touch as we believe he may have information that could prove to be a vital part of our enquires."

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Son who saved mum by attacking abusive dad with a hammer is released from jail

A son jailed for battering his abusive father with a hammer to stop him from attacking his mother has posted a selfie after his release from prison.

Ben Wilson, 27, shared photos on his Facebook page which shows him sporting stubble and small tattoos on his fingers.

Ben was just 22 when he was jailed for six years in January 2015 over the attack which left his dad Craig with brain damage and holes in his face.

He was given a reduced sentence after the judge considered provocation by his dad – who was described as a “violent nasty drunk” and had once served a two-year sentence for assaulting his wife Tracey.

An outcry over his sentencing saw more than 55,000 supporters sign a petition calling for his release.

Ben was released from prison earlier this year after serving half of his sentence and is believed to be back living with his mum, Tracey, in the house where the attack took place in Billingham. Teesside. can also reveal that while Ben was serving his sentence, his dad killed himself.

Senior coroner for Teesside Clare Bailey recorded a verdict of suicide at the inquest into Craig's death in January 2017.

The inquest heard how depressed Craig sent suicidal messages to relatives before hanging himself in his bedroom.

Craig sent the texts to his two brothers, Bob and Steven, before they found his body at his ground floor flat in Billingham on November 19, 2016.

He sent the messages in the early hours of the morning and his brothers did not read them until they awoke, the inquest at Teesside Coroner’s Court heard.

The first message Bob received was at 2.30am and read: "Goodbye kidda. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you. I can’t take any more. My mind’s in turmoil 24/7.

One sent to Steven at 03.25am read: "Kidda, I’m going to hang myself now. Sorry about that but send cops round in morn, don’t want Bob finding."

Three minutes later Craig sent another text joking: LOL don’t say I’ve lost my sense of humour."

A final text received at 5.55am stated: ‘Sorry for the mess, I would of hoovered up but was in a bit of a rush.x"

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