Watch shocking moment MLB star blasts foul ball into stands which smashes into fan's beer and explodes everywhere

STOUT resistance saved a fan when a foul-ball hit from a Major League Baseball player smashed into the beer he was holding in the stands – exploding everywhere.

The ball made an incredible beer-line for the drink, which the quick-thinking spectator had thrust out to shield himself from a real leathering.

The action bubbled over during a spring training game when Oakland Athletics' catcher Sean Murphy smacked a missile of a shot toward third base against the Los Angeles Angels at Diablo Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

Perhaps thinking pints mean prizes, A's catcher Murphy managed to pick out a man sitting on the end of asocially-distanced group in the seats during the second innings.

Or more precisely, he singled out the masked fan's can of beer – as it fizzed up into his face and all over fellow spectators in the rows behind him.

But he kept his cool, simply removing his cap, wiping the beer off his forehead and holding the ball out as if to let it dry.

Indeed, he won a whooping round of applause from the crowd, some spectators shaking his hand.

Even better for him, home side the Angels did more than just replace his pricey beer.

For starters, they gave him FOUR beers.

And the main course was a signed bat from their eight-time MLB All-Star Mike Trout.

Maybe the fan was angling for that all along!

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