Tottenham offer £1billion stadium to NHS to help roll out coronavirus vaccines as new Covid strain rips through UK

TOTTENHAM have offered their £1billion stadium to the NHS to help with the coronavirus vaccine effort.

The North Londoners opened up their luxury facility in April to help feed the vulnerable during the initial Covid outbreak and they have stepped up again.

Spurs' swanky new arena is currently being used as a testing centre and they have now offered it for use as a vaccination hub too.

With two approved vaccines now available, the Government is expected to ramp up the vaccination roll out in the coming weeks.

The stadium has been used for antenatal services and food storage to help feed the vulnerable since April.

Its huge basement car park was used to conduct the drive-through Covid-19 operation for nearby North Middlesex University Hospital staff, their families and dependents.

The NFL Away changing room areas are now used as a Maternal Day Unit.

And there is hope the stadium can be put to use again to help local residents get vaccinated.

The FA are also said to have offered up Wembley Stadium for use but it is unclear whether it will be approved.

On Tuesday, the Premier League announced there were 40 positive Covid results returned after the latest round of testing – more than DOUBLE the previous record.


The top-flight revealed 40 of the 1,575 players and members of staff at the 20 top-flight clubs had returned a positive Covid-19 test.

The previous record, set on December 29, was just 18, with the massive surge in the past week a genuine concern following the emergence of a mutant strain of the virus.

The latest round of testing took place between December 28 and January 3.

In that time, THREE Premier League matches were postponed due to clubs being hit hard by Covid.

By Tuesday, 23 per cent of over-80s had received the first dose of the vaccine.

Boris Johnson on Monday said he plans to vaccinate 13million people by mid-February.

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