Tommy Fury jokes he doesn't like brother Tyson during sparring when he's 'laying big hooks into my ribs'

TOMMY FURY has joked he doesn't like his brother Tyson when the pair are sparring together.

The 21-year-old light-heavyweight, who is 11 years younger than his world heavyweight champion brother, discussed his relationship with Tyson on BT Sport's boxing coverage over the weekend.

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And Tommy began by explaining the amount he has been able to learn simply by watching Tyson.

He said: "I just watch Tyson. Every single time we're in the gym together my eyes are peeled, I'm like a sponge.

"Everything that he does I'm watching very closely. And have done as a kid. I was in the background for a long time.

"When he was in camp for Klitschko I was never saying nothing but I was like a sponge watching everything he was doing.

"I thought 'my time is going to come' and I'm going to need everything I see here. And that's exactly what I see to this day. Every time he spars I take note."

Tommy was then asked whether the pair 'like each other', to which the young boxer had a brillianty witty retort.

He said: "Not when we're body sparring and he starts laying those big hooks into my ribs, I'll tell you that. I don't like him then."

Before then adding: "Yeah, we get along well. We're both from the same profession and he's where I want to be. He's achieved all my dreams that I could ever want.


"So, I just follow him, whatever he's doing I'm there because like I said before I'm a sponge and I take it all in."

Tommy moved to 5-0 as a pro last month when he picked up his fourth stoppage victory in a row.

Meanwhile, brother Tyson is currently closing in on officially agreeing the date and venue for an undisputed clash against Anthony Joshua this summer.

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