Teofimo Lopez wins battle of minds against Vasyl Lomachenko as he turns the impossible into the routine

At the end they stood for judgement. It was not close, forget the American commentary and the endless jargon of justification for what was an old-fashioned performance by Lopez. The scores were 116-112, 117-111 and 119-109; it means Lopez won by margins of four rounds, six rounds and on one scorecard he won eleven rounds, Lomachenko just one.

The scores were wide, delivered in the silence of the bubble chamber and not drowned by the roar of a crowd. In some ways the read was more powerful because of the quiet – the words as alien as the thought that any judge ever, on any planet of boxing would ever give 11 rounds against Lomachenko. It seems wide, sure, but I can see the thinking: Lomachenko was not busy enough, that is the inquest decider.

A rematch makes sense; give them a crowd, let Lopez play to the masses, make mistakes and get his own boxing lesson. And, Lomachenko, the man who has talked of walking away for over a year, now has to make a few hard decisions about his career, a career like no other. It was, truly, the strangest of great fights.

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