Seven reasons the Premier League will miss Eden Hazard on and off the pitch as he prepares to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid

EDEN HAZARD is set to leave the Premier League behind and move to Real Madrid.

Signing off with a brace in the Europa League final, the Chelsea star has earned the love of Blues fans and respect of others during his seven years in England.

Los Blancos are expected to pay £115million for the winger, along with a bumper £400,000-per-week salary.

While Hazard's legacy in football is still to be completed, his time in the Premier League has been defined by skills, goals and plenty of laughter.

Here, Sun Sport details the seven reasons fans will miss him once he leaves for La Liga.

Quality on the ball

The Premier League wants to be the home of the best footballers and the simple fact is that Hazard is among the world's top attackers – and has been for years.

Leaving Chelsea behind with more than 350 appearances, scoring over 100 goals, is an incredible feat.

In all but one of his seven seasons at Stamford Bridge, he has entered double figures with two titles, an FA Cup, League Cup, and pair of Europa League trophies claimed.

And he has done all this while dazzling fans with a level of technical skill and trickery that few can reach.

Buns of steel

One of Hazard's biggest assets is his unorthodox body shape, pulling his centre of gravity low with huge glutes.

Several experts have even tried to decipher how it suits his style – which benefits from his ability to change direction quicker than taller, lankier opponents.

The Belgian's bum has become something of a sensation on social media while inspiring Dad bod fans as a footballer seemingly not obsessed with having a six pack.

As a result, a number of Twitter accounts are dedicated to Hazard's backside and English football will now have to look elsewhere for its 'bubble butt' hero… Xherdan Shaqiri, anyone?

Making Francis look like a Coq

In 2017, Arsenal and Chelsea were at completely opposite ends of the football spectrum.

One led by a vibrant coach en route to glory, the other tired and powerless.

This was embodied by how the Belgian destroyed Francis Coquelin with a ruthless run and finish.

The tough-tackling midfielder took it upon himself to stop Hazard but his initial attempt to climb over his back failed.

Hazard simply kept running at full pace and Coquelin's final attempt to take the ball – or man, more likely – ended with a painful pirouette and tumble to the floor.

Left on his backside, the Frenchman didn't even have time to look up while Hazard continued on and struck the second goal of a 3-1 win.

Cheeky wink

Some players approach serious matters such as their future with a stern face and monotone, club-written answer.

Hazard is a bit more freestyle, as witnessed by his recent wink when asked live on TV if he will be staying at Chelsea after the 1-1 draw at Manchester United in April.

It ramped up speculation that he was leaving but that evidently never bothered him.

He went as far as trolling his own fans at the club's end of season ceremony, asking "where's the pen?" when pressed on signing a new contract.

It was also on display when the young Hazard was heading to England, jokingly stating amidst the rumours he'll join Chelsea, Manchester United or City: "It's the blue that I'll be wearing next season. Definitely the blue."

And fans of all teams (bar one) enjoyed how his goal against Tottenham Hotspur ended Spurs' title hopes in 2016, handing Leicester City a famous title win.

Stiff upper lip

There are few jobs that demand you get kicked as often as Hazard does.

Statistics gathered in March showed the trickster was fouled once every 27.7 minutes during the 2018-19 season – and yet he never really complained.

Speaking at the start of the campaign, he remarked: "I’m not complaining.

"I try to do my job and when you have the ball, you get kicked so no complaints. Just try to play better.”

Win at all costs

Speaking of which, the Belgian wasn't too precious to deal out the odd cynical foul. Just ask Swansea City ballboy Charlie Morgan.

In a memorable incident in the second leg of the 2013 League Cup semi-final, the ball went for a goal kick with 15 minutes left, but with Chelsea two goals down Hazard wanted to get play going quickly.

Step in the 17-year-old ballboy, son of a then-shareholder in the Swans, who flopped on the ball as Hazard tried to grab it.

The winger kicked out – apparently towards the ball – but took the man and was sent off.

Morgan hilariously claimed he wouldn't press charges after falling victim to the winger's insatiable desire to win.

Happy feet

It is surely no surprise that Hazard is a good dancer.

With his tricky feet, the player has never shied away from strutting his stuff and fans have been wowed by his moves a number of times.

Whether before the 2016 clash with Southampton, during club photo shoots or to dismiss doubts over his fitness, Hazard never needs an excuse to crack a move.

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