Phil Taylor weighed more than Anthony Joshua before huge body transformation

Phil “The Power” Taylor once lived up to his namesake by shedding more than five stone.

Back in 2013, the 16 world-title darts supremo hit the weights and implemented a rigorous diet, after weighing more than Anthony Joshua.

The boxer weighed in at around 17 stone in September just gone for his heavyweight title defence against Oleksandr Usyk, while Taylor topped 19 stone before finally deciding to cut it down.

He put his victory in the 2013 World Championship down to the amount of weight he shed.

He said to the Mirror: “I am a lot fitter and sharper, I can really tell the difference.

“My concentration levels are up and my alertness has increased. It really gets you raring to go.”

Taylor, from Stoke-on-Trent, had starred in a fitness documentary – Fit Britain – to take down his mass, after feeling that his size warranted concern for his health.

He explained: “I don’t think it is strange to do a programme like this. A lot of men are concerned about their weight and a lot of people want to get healthy.

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“I have always wanted to lose weight and constantly tried diets but it has been very difficult.

“I don’t want to get to 55, 56 and have a heart attack. Health is very important, much more so than money, so I am now very determined in doing this right once and for all.

Taylor conceded that as a child he was bullied about his weight – and that was part of the reason he wanted to do so well at darts.

He said: “When I was 13 I decided to get into shape and get into bodybuilding, I didn’t want girls calling me fatty.

“I always loved bodybuilding but darts is what I was good at. It wasn’t nice as a kid going into a man’s shop and buying clothes.

“Being called names when I was young has made me very determined. It’s why I have been so successful in what I do.”

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