Nate Robinson 'earned £1.4m for brutal Jake Paul fight and Floyd Mayweather has offered to train him for rematch'

NATE ROBINSON earned £1.4million for his defeat to Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather has reportedly offered to train him for a rematch.

The former NBA star was brutally knocked out on his boxing debut on the undercard of Mike Tyson's comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

The 36-year-old was dropped three times during his crushing defeat to YouTube sensation Paul, 24, back in November.

But Stephen A. Smith has claimed Robinson could be looking for revenge on the social media star and has enlisted the help of Floyd Mayweather.

As reported by TMZ Sports, he said: "Nate walked out the arena [on Nov. 28 and] realized he was not trained well.

"[He] apologized for not listening and collected a little over $2million for that fiasco. He's fine. 

"They are trying to get him to fight in a rematch, if you can believe that. Floyd 'Money' Mayweather wants to train him, if he agrees. Crazy but true."

They are trying to get him to fight in a rematch, if you can believe that. Floyd 'Money' Mayweather wants to train him, if he agrees

But Smith later took to Twitter to insist that he wants Paul to face a professional next following his latest win over Ben Askren.

He wrote: "See, this has to stop. (Jake Paul) is not some scrub. He’s a pro now. Askren, even though he’s a (UFC) fighter, is a grappler. Not a boxer.

"So why was he even in the damn ring? From now on, Paul needs to fight an actual boxer. He’s gonna hurt any non-boxer."


Paul moved to 3-0 after he knocked former MMA star Askren out inside round one on the weekend.

And afterwards Tyson Fury heaped praise in the YouTuber calling him fantastic for boxing.

But rather than a rematch with Robinson, Paul has seemingly set his sights on a bout with the Gypsy King's younger brother Tommy.

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