Model Natalija Scekic responds to ‘lies’ after Novak Djokovic sextortion claim

Failed sextortion plot or a desperate play for Instagram clout?

There are doubts being cast by Serbian media after model Natalija Scekic claimed she turned down a $70,000 offer to seduce and have sex with Novak Djokovic on film in an attempt to destroy the marriage of the world’s No. 1 men’s tennis player.

One report from alleges that Scekic invented the story at the behest of her mom, Croatian reality star Anabela Šćekić Tigrica. The site suggests that it was an attempt to launch her daughter’s modeling career. They based this on alleged legal troubles for Tigrica in the past and a lack of a social media presence for Scekic.

“I ask all foreign media not to believe the lies Serbian newspapers brought out today,” Scekic wrote on Instagram. “My mom has nothing with anything that is written, we are not starlets (who) invented and placed a public story that is false.”

Scekic said she did not consider the offer presented to her, explaining her reaction to the situation while providing sparse details on who made the offer in her interview with with European magazine Svet&Scandal.

“It is true that a guy contacted me. I know him from (London) and I considered him a serious guy,” Scekic said.

“I am familiar with their work and they were good. When he asked me for a date, I thought it was for a business matter. However, as the conversation progressed, I saw that it had nothing to do with my life.

“I thought it was a hidden camera when he told me that I had to seduce Novak and film it, but not to worry about that because he was already taking care of that.

“He told me I could get about 60,000 euros for that and a trip wherever I wanted. I laughed, expecting him to say it was a joke, but the man was very serious. I felt very offended and humiliated. They were really preparing a hell of a plan. I was told to take Novak somewhere to an intimate place and film it all.”

Djokovic’s marriage to wife Jelena has been a source of media speculation throughout his career.

Rumors reached fever pitch in July 2017 when tennis commentator John McEnroe blamed Djokovic’s poor form on his “off-court issues with the family” — and even likened his downward slide to that of golfer Tiger Woods, who split from wife Elin Nordegren when it was revealed he’d cheated on her with dozens of women.

“Woods had the issues with his wife and then he seemed to go completely off the rails and has never been even close to being the same player,” McEnroe said.

“So we’re starting to say: ‘Wait a minute, is this possible with him, Djokovic?’”

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