Messi or Ronaldo? MailOnline readers have a say on the GOAT

YOUR COMMENTS: So who is the GREATEST of all time – Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? MailOnline readers have their say on the debate EVERY football fan is talking about

  • Football fans are all asking: is Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest?
  • Now MailOnline readers have their say on who really is the GOAT 
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Football fans around the world are divided over whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time after the Argentine fired his nation into the World Cup final. 

Messi is now just one game away from immortalising himself in football history should he guide Argentina to glory and add the one trophy that has eluded him his whole career.

The 35-year-old has revealed this will be his final chance to win football’s ultimate prize. But Ronaldo’s legion of fans – led by his new best mate Piers Morgan – insist the Portuguese deserves the accolade because of his 819 career goals. And our readers are just as divided… 

MailOnline readers have their say on who is the greatest footballer of all time – Cristiano Ronaldo (left) or Lionel Messi (right)

Maradona was exceptional.. Pele was Brilliant.. but Messi is just incredible he has maintained this level for over 15 years his goals tally is unbelievable.. – Inside the gates, Frinton on sea, United Kingdom

Not sure there is an argument as Ronaldo has performed and been a consistent winner in the best League in the world (Prem), the 2nd (Spain) and the 3rd (Italy). Messi been unbelievable in Spain and maybe not so good in the French League and for the first time has had an excellent game at International level. For me no argument.Brian Walker, London, United Kingdom

There never was a debate. Messi is and always was better. – Oliver47393, My Beloved EU, United Kingdom

Messi, Ronaldo have shown they are both Goat’s. but Ronaldo would shade it for me, as he has played for 3 clubs in 3 different leagues, English, Italian, Spanish. and produced the goods. – Wishihadeasylife, London, United Kingdom

How do people how a player is better than another by trophies they win or there ability I always go by ability and what they can do on a football pitch thats why Messi is the GOAT Best dribbler Best Passer Best Playmaker and also one of the best scorers ever Maradona is 2nd Ronaldinho 3rd R9 4th Zidane 5th – Kenshin_Himura, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Messi isn’t the GOAT. He stayed at Barca where he could have everything his own way without been questioned. Then moved to the farmers market league. Now because Argentina are in the final everyone is wetting the pants over him. With Ronaldo he’s done it in different leagues. At least he had the minerals move where there would be a challenge for him. It a shame these past 6 months have let him down. – Hsj1979, Birmingham, United Kingdom

If we are talking about Messi and Ronaldo then there is no comparison. Ronaldo is a great goal scorer whereas Messi is a much more complete player he can do everything and I can’t imagine seeing Ronaldo doing that sort of play that created the second goal for Alverez but I can see Maradona doing that he was also the complete player who did amazing things on the pitch so I think if you live in this era you’d probably say Messi is the greatest of all time but if you lived in the Maradona era you would say it’s Maradona I don’t think you can separate them – stuartsanders48, Manchester, United Kingdom


Who IS the greatest of all time… Messi or Ronaldo?

Who IS the greatest of all time… Messi or Ronaldo?

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For me personally it was never a debate anyways, but surely if Argentina win the World Cup the debate is well and truly over – Jess9, Somewhere, United Kingdom

No way can anyone seriously claim Messi is a better footballer than Ronaldo. Sure he is exceptional but compare them like for like Ronaldo’s all round game is better, he’s better with his weaker foot and as for heading ability the distance is huge and that alone proves beyond doubt he is the best between the two of them. Ronaldo the man is proving to be his own worst enemy blighting his legacy as he clearly cant deal with the inevitable age thing that gets everyone in the end. Sad to see and this from a Liverpool fan. – Jack, York

Ronaldo is the best goal scorer ever but not even in top 10 of best players ever. Messi is arguably the best player ever – omim88, Oxford, United Kingdom

Had the pleasure of seeing Maradona, Cruyff, Gullit, Zidane, Ronaldinho etc but hand on heart, the little no. 10 of present day Argentina, Messi, tops them all. He ain’t brash or cocky and he gets kicked up in the air almost every game but he gets up and does what he loves doing, playing pure world class football. – The past is best, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

The goat is CR7. Messi was great 10 years ago. CR7 has the power, the physique, the goal celebration, the clothing line. He transcends football. – silversurferfrances, Ashford near Staines, United Kingdom

1. Messi 2. Pele 3. Maradona 4. Cristiano Ronaldo 5. Garrincha 6. Romario 7. Zidane 8. Ronaldo 9. Jairzinho 10. Di Stefano. Lots of people dont like Cristiano’s personality, and rightly so. But as a footballer he’s a monster of a player. He scores more than 800 goals for club and country playing in the toughest leagues in the world. There’s no doubt for me that he’s in the top 5 best footballers of all time. – Roy Mchunter, Jakarta, Indonesia

No one is doubting that CR7 is a truly phenomenal player, phenomenal career, phenomenal stats, but Messi is better. – JoeL94, Motherwell , United Kingdom

Ronaldo has been so good over the years because he worked so hard at his physical condition and skills, whereas Messi has always been unbelievably naturally gifted. There are Messi documentaries showing him playing in games starting from when he was really small and young and up through his ages and he has always had his incredible ability to run at speed with the ball under close control while dribbling around multiple players plus he is a great finisher in front of goal. Messi is easily the goat. Maradona was special too but no where near as good as Messi. – Knowmad, Portalou, Antarctica

Pele for me, three world cups in twelve years. He done everything these two do and he did it with a heavier solid leather ball and terrible pitches along with the fact it was a proper contact sport back then. His dribbling and passing is as good if not better than Messi’s. Pele, Maradona & Messi the best three of all time. – FreeReader, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Messi is more naturally gifted but Ronaldo is the Goat – H0ly_Jeremiah, London, United Kingdom

Maradona is number one… constantly fouled and assaulted but forever the most skillful and team player – Messi number two and Pele number three – all team players… Zico, the two Ronaldos, Eusebio, Cruyff and a few others come next – Enuma13, Tokyo, Japan

Messi is the GOAT. The vision, the passes, the goals, the dribbles, the assists, the fans, the anticipation every time he has the ball at his feet – no one can deny Messi truly is the greatest of all time. Truly exceptional and one of a kind! – ricardo, Southend

Messi is going to lift this cup and then he’ll be hailed as the greatest of all time. There’s really nothing that CR7 could do to change that and his fans would simply have to agree. – skibada, Tokyo, Japan

Messi is a truly great player but no way is he better than Maradona. And why is Cruyff very really mentioned as a contender for the best, he should always be. IMO Maradona Pele and Cruyff are ahead of Messi. – DavidWattss, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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