Man Utd striker Edinson Cavani nearly quit football when his girlfriend got coronavirus, saying 'family comes first'

EDINSON CAVANI has revealed he nearly quit football after his girlfriend contracted coronavirus.

Manchester United’s Deadline Day signing declared: “Your family's health comes first.

“Of course, I considered the idea of quitting football.

“We have suffered through the coronavirus with my family and with my girlfriend.”

Former Paris Saint-Germain striker Cavani, 33, signed a £200,000-a-week 12-month Old Trafford contract with a further 12-month option.

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His model girlfriend Jocelyn Burgardt tested positive for the virus shortly after he was released by the French club in June.

And in an interview with Argentine radio Cavani added: “The truth is that it was bad because of the fear that it awakens. Thank God we recovered well and evolved well and here we are.

“But it is true I managed the possibility to stop playing and stay in the countryside, dedicate myself to my life in the countryside.”

“It is normal that anxiety begins to enter your mind.

"The leagues had started to compete and of course, I wanted to have a team.

“There are things that are not given because they should not be given.

"I am of the idea that in life things come when they have to come and sometimes, no matter how much you want something, if it doesn't have to happen, it doesn't happen.

“There was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Days began to pass and I saw my family, friends and everyone wanting to know where I was going to play.

“We are here, happy with the decision and now I want to put on the shirt.”

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