Logan Paul claims he ‘would f****** beat’ Mike Tyson in boxing match

Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather in a much-ridiculed fight last year.

YouTuber turned professional boxer Logan Paul has claimed he would “f****** beat” former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in a boxing match.

The 26-year-old last fought against Floyd Mayweather in a farcical exhibition bout in June which lasted a full eight rounds, before no winner was declared. Mayweather took a casual stance throughout and toyed with his opponent, with the crowd responding with consistent boos throughout the event.

Paul is now apparently eyeing an equally ludicrous money-spinner with icon of the sport and convicted rapist Tyson, who boxed against Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition last November which ended in a draw.

“As of now there’s nothing.” Paul told the Seconds Out YouTube channel about the prospect of the fight happening. “I mean, we’ve been kinda talking about it. And then these rumours started circulating, we didn’t say anything, then it got confirmed that it wasn’t happening. Then I was reading the tweets and everyone was saying “Mike Tyson would f****** kill Logan”.

One of the issues preventing the fight from happening, supposedly, is that Paul doesn’t see much logic in fighting a man of Tyson’s age.


“So a fight that I initially hadn’t even considered, now people actually don’t think I’d win, this is offensive,” he added. “Now I’m kind of considering it, just to shut people the f*** up. But what’s the f****** win here? I prove everyone wrong and go, ‘yeah I did it’. And a legend who I respect and love dearly is sitting on the floor. F*** that. Mike Tyson’s too old, no? What happens if I beat Mike Tyson? I beat up an old man, that’s not cool. Do people wanna watch that?

Despite his apparent reluctance, Paul is deludedly confident that he would secure a comfortable victory if he and Tyson were to step into the ring, saying: “I’m telling you, I would f****** beat Mike Tyson. If people would watch that fight, yeah I would do it. I don’t give a f***, he’s too old. We saw it with Floyd, there’s no reason I should’ve been able to last. He’s aging. Father time takes a toll on everyone and Tyson’s 55. What happens? I go in there and knock him out for what? For what?”

Paul’s younger brother Jake is also a professional fighter, and will face Love Island’s Tommy Fury in a bout in Florida next month.

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