Jamey Mosley fighting Jets odds to play with brother again

It took Jason McCourty 10 years before he got to share a dream and play on the same NFL team with his twin brother, Devin, with the Patriots. Shaquem Griffin somehow made to the NFL with one hand and now plays in Seattle with his twin brother, Shaquill.

Jamey Mosley walked on at Alabama to follow Big Brother C.J., and now he hopes to defy the odds and experience the kind of joy and blessing that only brothers who realize their NFL dream side by side could understand.

Jamey Mosley is an undrafted free agent with the Jets, signed a month after C.J. signed his five-year, $85 million contract to be the quarterback of Gregg Williams’ defense. It never bothered Eli Manning following in Big Brother Peyton’s footsteps, and it doesn’t bother Jamey, who never stopped smiling during this interview, following in C.J.’s.

“Sometimes people can see it as a negative thing,” Jamey, also a linebacker, said at Wednesday’s minicamp. “Honestly, I think it’s all about perspective. For me, seeing him get all the accolades he got in high school, and he got almost every accolade in college, and get even more accolades in the NFL, it’s like, ‘Man, that’s a goal to reach, or even try to beat.’ I saw it as something that I can get to that level as well, so like ‘Let’s do it.’ ”

They are four years apart in age — C.J. will be 27 in two weeks — and miles apart in personality.

“I talk a little bit more than he does,” Jamey said. “He’s a man of few words. … He’s mute.”

But there is no one better to follow.

“Sometimes your greatest leaders do things that are seen and not heard,” Jamey said. “With him, obviously he’s not a very vocal guy. But he’s vocal when he needs to. His play is more vocal and the way he carries himself on a daily basis is more vocal than him actually speaking.”

C.J. is a 6-foot-2, 238-pound tackling machine. Jamey is a rangy 6-5, 248.

C.J. on Jamey: “I know he can do a lot of damage with his speed to power with his arms.”

Jamey on C.J.: “He has really good change of direction and sideline-to-sideline speed. I love mastering technique. I’m an attention-to-detail guy, which he is too as well, but I think where we’re similar is we’re very heady players.”

C.J. is helping Kid Brother as much as he can.

“It’s been exciting, just watching him from afar, not trying to do too much extra coaching and all that,” C.J. said. “But if I see something that I feel he can do a little better as far as technique, I give him a little bit here and there. Watch film a little bit together, go over some plays. But other than that, kind of just let him be a rookie, because he’s got to go through some of his own things on his own.”

The brothers say they never fought growing up.

“He loves video games, and he still plays video games to this day,” Jamey said. “We would go outside and ride bikes, play pickup basketball, find something to do with the other kids in the neighborhood. We only got to play video games on weekends. We had to be doing something constructive.”

Jamey was a quarterback and safety and outside linebacker at Theodore High School in Mobile, Ala.

“I had scholarships to other places, but obviously just getting a chance to see my brother play, and the relationships that I built with the coaches, I just knew that [Alabama] was the best place for me, and I think the Lord was pulling me in that way,” Jamey said.

His Alabama career was marred by minor ankle surgeries and a torn groin, but earning a scholarship playing for Nick Saban and being a national champion and getting a degree in human performance and sports exercise science and soon one in sports business management was priceless. And he believes his best football is yet to come.

“I’m just gonna control what I can control,” Jamey said. “The things that I can control are my attitude and my effort. … I’m just blessed, honestly, to have the opportunity right now. I’m just being where my feet are, man.”

Toward the end of the conversation when Williams called Jamey with the news that the Jets would sign him, he mentioned getting to play with C.J.

“Isn’t that cool?” Williams asked.

Oh brother, it sure is.

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