Jake Paul BANNED from attending Logan's fight against Floyd Mayweather after huge brawl with boxing legend at face-off

JAKE PAUL has been BANNED from attending his brother Logan's fight against Floyd Mayweather.

It comes after the YouTuber upstaged his sibling's face-off against the boxing legend by squaring up to Mayweather and then stealing his cap.

A huge brawl broke out that left Paul with a black eye and blood coming out of his mouth.

It is believed he was punched by a member of Mayweather's security team.

Logan uploaded a clip to his Instagram Stories of him telling Jake that he won't be able to attend the exhibition bout, to take place in June.

Jake responds: "That's fine brother, I'll buy the fight, I don't care."

Paul has since claimed that Mayweather is 'sending goons' to 'kill' him.

Things kicked off after Jake shouted 'you wanna make it two in one night' to Mayweather.

As he made his way over to confront the YouTuber, fired-up Mayweather said: "Yes."

Chaos then broke out when Paul stole Mayweather's hat – with the pair eventually being separated by members of their entourages.


Mayweather, however, was still fuming after the fracas and was heard shouting: "When I catch you, motherf***er, I'll kill you motherf***er! You crazy?!

"I don't know who the f*** he thinks he's playing with, but I don't play no motherf***ing games!"

And after being dragged away, the furious 50-0 fighter was then heard shouting: "I'll kill that motherf***er."

Paul, 24, quickly took to social media to capitalise on the publicity.

He tweeted: "honestly have had 3 easy fights as a pro so been itching for some real action.

"1 of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye. RESPECT!!"

He then added: "word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me

"if I die……. I died for the hat."

And he couldn't resist a final dig at Floyd, writing: "I stole his hat because he steals peoples money with boring fights."

Paul also showed off his black eye on Instagram, having been caught by a member of Floyd's entourage.

He also changed his Twitter username to 'Gotcha Hat', before promptly flogging merchandise featuring the phrase.

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